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momtothreeboys 10-11-2006 01:47 PM

Vaxs and ITP and pancytopenia?
Hi, I thought I would ask a few of you moms who know a lot about the reactions to vaxes and moms who may have had this happen to them. Here goes:

My son received his 6 month old vaxes on Sept 14th. He did well with them but I did notice since then he was a little cranky, I thought it was teething. Well, on Thur. my son had some weird bruising on his body and it looked like he had pink eye and he had little red bumps on his body. He does not attend daycare and does not get out of the house that much. So I called the ped on call and he said he had something going on and to take him to childrens hospital immediatly. By the time we got there te rash was bleeding and he wasn't scratching it. They ran bllod tests and his platlet count was 2,000 and it should be 250,000. They said his risk of lifr threating hemmorage was high and he will be admitted and will receive IVIG and some more tests. They diagnosed him with Itp. Which is basically a one time incident and will go away most of the time withtin 2 months. The er doc stated that his body had some type of infrction and the antibodies thta were supposed to fight the infection attacked his platlets. But he has never been ill. They stated he could have been ill and did not show any signs. That DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!!! The ivig was not liftinh his platlets fast enough so they had to do a Bone Marrow biopsy to rule out cancers and anemias and Thank god it game bacy neg for those things. But the spec. said she saw that the part of the RBC that fight infction were low but the RBC count was normal so he is anemic. She said he has pancytopenia. Which is similar to itp and he didn't need steroids because tat day his platlets rose to 102,000 and they are now back to normal but he looks like one big bruise. He is better and she said that if his levels drop again he will just go on steroids.

I am just spitting mad beause when I mentioned the vaccinations she said that this is common and this problem was around before vaxes and that no cause has been proven for this problem. Basically she would not entertain the idea that the vaxes may have caused this. My common sense tells me that if this was caused by him having an infection or virus it could have been caused by vaxes. Vxes make your body build antibodies and that could have been the problem, Right? I read the vaccine injury database and they have thousands of reports of itp and pancytopenia aflter vaxes so how could it not be associated.

Please, someone ring in on this with some info. I have searched and found a link between this and the hepb vax and he had that one. He had hepb, DTAP and hib, we don't do prevnar.

I do not want to start a debate, I just want some help and info if you have any. If you woulf like you can pm me with anything. We left the hospital Monday and I am a wreck. Even though he is fine for the time being, I am worried. PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN. Thanks:mrgreen:

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 10-11-2006 01:59 PM

Re: Vaxs and ITP and pancytopenia?
ive read that dtap causes alot of things to happen in children, we havent had that experience, i want to first say, i am sorry your baby had to get the bone marrow biopsy, be careful with his hip cause it will be sore, my baby gets these freuquently, i am glad your sons came back neg, what did the rash look like? was it on his legs/top of feet or just all over the body? and they were BLEEDING! omg, that is very scary,what exactly is pancytopenia ?
i hope he gets back to his regular healthy self. *BigHugs*

momtothreeboys 10-11-2006 02:07 PM

Re: Vaxs and ITP and pancytopenia?
Thanks for your concern and the rash was allover. Pancytopenia means all cells low. His sells dropped because of a supposed viral infection or illness. They re in a normal range now but he is still purple from his blood not cloting the way it is suppossed to do. Thanks for the info:thumbsup:

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 10-11-2006 02:28 PM

Re: Vaxs and ITP and pancytopenia?
i would call the ped and explain my concers, i doubt a illness would go unseen, no signs/symptoms, i am thinking one of those vaxes caused that to happen and i'd like that around the shot records where it says reactions.
i hope your baby continues to be ok and doesn't have t go through any of this again. we vax our kids and the most that ive seen happen was a big red bump, like the skin turned red and bumped up in a lump and was hard, this happend with the pnemochocal(sp?)
it goes away after a few days but so far nothing worse has happend.

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