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fluffybunsdiapers 01-09-2009 08:53 PM

HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
My dd is in cloth full time-currently her babysitter is AWESOME-washes her diapes for me and everything-well it looks like I may have to change her care provider in the near future-I don't want to go to sposies-they just tear up her bum with bad bad rash-it just doesn't work for her-but anyway I was told that the daycare may refuse to use cloth and if they accept cloth that if she pooped they would have to send the whole diaper-poop and all home with me because it would be aginst sanitary regulations for them to dump it-does that sound right to you mama's out there? What alternitives are there? Ican't really afford a new stash-but I dont' want to bring home a wet bag of diapes with full loads of poop either.I know the diapes I send have to be AIO/AI2 or pockets- that don't tend to wick -which is going to be slightly challenging-since most of her well loved diapes are fitted or need repair (mostly loose elastic-once they'd be fixed they would work perfectly)-I can just haven't had the time to sit down yet to do it. Any suggestions from experienced mamas in this would be greatfully appriecated! Thanks!:thumbsup:

bjaneen 01-09-2009 09:17 PM

Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
I think the policies vary by state. I know some places if you have a dr. note they will CD and some will do fitted/covers BUT have to change the cover w/ every diaper change. As far as sending them home, yes I think that's true- you give them a wetbag and everything from the diaper change gets put in the wetbag.

naivete 01-09-2009 09:24 PM

Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
It's the same here. Our daycare uses bumgenius, it's the easiest for them, and by licensing if they do cloth diaper they cannot dump any solids, they have to just toss it in, each diaper has to be individually wrapped in a plastic bag or separate bag (we got a custom batch made of small wet bags just for that) and then put into a larger wetbag and THAT is put into a bin with a locking lid.

Overkill, but the daycare can't help it, and I can't expect them to risk their licensing, you just play by the rules if you're going to be using an actual daycare facility.

It's not bad though, honestly it won't kill the diaper to wait until we bring the bag home each night, and flush everything ourselves.

sillyutalktome 01-09-2009 09:27 PM

Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
We got a stash of bg 3.0 for daycare. My daycare refuses to use cloth but I just stated dd is allergic to disposables (true) and showed them a wetbag and diaper. They agreed but only if it doesn't stink. They do send the diaper home poopy. She has up to six different teachers a day so one uniform easy system was important. Some teachers wrap the poopy diaper in a trash bag which I try to explain to them isn't necessary but it still happens sometimes.

Dolphin_Medic 01-09-2009 09:34 PM

Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
DD is exclusively cloth diapered because she reacts to sposies. We had already put the deposit down on the DC before we found this out, found it out and nearly sent me into a frenzy. Here's where we ended up:

1. We're the only ones in the entire center who CD.
2. We were required to have documentation from the doctor stating she must use cloth diapers. Doctor had history of having diaper rash issues/reaction issues and documented evidence that cloth fixed the problem so she didn't have any issue writing the note.
3. Before they approved it, they took the request to the board to check with state laws on compliance with that.
4. I do the wash, they do NOT wash the diapers.
5. I send AIOs/Pockets, all prepared every day. I also send a plastic box that they put the soiled diapers in. Yes, it includes the poop and some days the wipes too and yes, I have to take it all apart every night. They made it VERY clear, they would not wash/clean the diapers, they would not separate poop from the diaper. Basically I provided them with a system that is just like disposible except it is sent home with me.

Yea, it's somewhat annoying to have to take everything apart, but honestly, I am so thankful that I have an option that doesn't tear up DD's bum that I'll do it.

PM me if you have any other specific questions...I sometimes forget to check back.

3Xblessed 01-09-2009 09:55 PM

Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
What about using flushable liners? That's what I had to do for my daycare.

Dolphin_Medic 01-09-2009 09:58 PM

Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
Flushable liners would definitely be a good idea, unfortunately my DC doesn't have a bathroom in most of the rooms so they'd just send it home anyway...but it would definitely make clean up easier.

MPwifey 01-09-2009 10:25 PM

Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
At 2 of the dayces I previosly worked at, there are no cloth diapers allowed, period. Even with a Dr's note they would tell you ot find other care ( which is really hard and stinks)

Their reasoning: It is not sanitary, yes I know htere is no real difference but here was their explanation when I almost quit for having the health nurse tell me I was disgusting for using cloth. ACTUAL words, disgusting.
Let's say it is an infant room, every diaper we change that is poopy has to be wrapped in a plastic bag, with our gloves that we have to take one off put it in hte bag, take the other half off and tie up the bag. then the other glove has ot be washed off in the sink, and trown away in our diaper genie with the now poopy diaper in a bag. Their thinking is that yes you could put a cloth diaper in a bag and give it to the parents ( we do the same thing when they are potty training!!) but if an infant gets into the bag they could get into something dirty. Yes I understand it is the same thing as a child having an accident in their underwear, but I didn't listen to the nurse anymore after she told me I was disgusting and walked out of the room.

Oh and one of hte centers even encouraged parents to sign a release form stating that if a child had a poopy accident for us to throw away their underwear, a lot of parents signed it.

fluffybunsdiapers 01-10-2009 07:19 AM

Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
Thank you so much Mamas-the facility that is helping me look for a center actually sent me home with the sanitation law-I knew they wouldn't wash them and I am okay with that I just thought it was weird that they couldn't dump-when I was working at a dc in another state-we dumped for cloth or accidents-so I guess that is what I expected. IDK when I asked the woman who is helping me-she got very defensive about the whole thing. I just asked-aren't you supposed to dump spoise poop too-and she said-"not in this state" it just made me feel like she was saying shame on you for cd. I hope her new center doesn't reqiure a dr's note-dh's orders have moved us to a new location and she was on cloth before then so this dr doesn't know-granted I don't have much faith in her ped here and trying to get anew one-but that's a nother story-well i am going to check out the one center that has an opening in about two weeks today-so wish me luck mamas-that she'll do cloth for my lo- thanks

fluffybunsdiapers 01-10-2009 07:26 AM

Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare
What systems have flushable liners-or do mean the flushable ones that you lay in like the kooshies? I don't think that they would be able to flush those either-would that help my diapes from getting stained though?

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