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momof3boys1girl 07-14-2011 09:14 PM

Safe herbs while pregnant to get ready?
Are there any safe herbs to take before you deliver to help have a better supply? I struggled with yds he was FTT although we made it through id prefer not to have that issues again:giggle:

Isaac2009 07-14-2011 09:18 PM

Re: Safe herbs while pregnant to get ready?
:popcorn: subbing to this thread because I was wondering the same.....

moonsandmarshmellows 07-15-2011 05:21 AM

Re: Safe herbs while pregnant to get ready?
I dont think theres anything you can take before but could you start taking Fenugreek right after you have the baby?

I didnt BF my first. Only BF my second for about 8 wks cause we couldnt get her latch corrected. And have been BF my youngest for 10 months now but having to take Fenugreek, Domperidone, and Motherloves more milk plus special blend in order to do so. So I plan on stocking up on those things when we get pregnant with the next so that I have them to fall back on incase I have a supply problem again.

momof3boys1girl 07-15-2011 12:57 PM

Re: Safe herbs while pregnant to get ready?
well that is my plan but ive read you can take something at the end to help your tissue. ,Maybe goats rue?

momof3boys1girl 07-15-2011 01:03 PM

Re: Safe herbs while pregnant to get ready?
found this:
Herbs during pregnancy that are safe
- Red raspberry leaf, Blessed thistle, Fenugreek, Nettle leaf (rich in calcium, magnesium and iron) Nettle leaf actually decreases the risk of piles during pregnancy

These herbs can be recommended while pregnant...

Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Best known for strengthening the uterine muscles so they will work more efficiently during labor.
  • Soothes an upset stomach and will help alleviate mild morning sickness.
  • Taken after birth, it slows bleeding and helps the uterus regain tone.
Nettle Leaves
  • A storehouse of nutrition, with high iron and calcium content. Note: Nettle leaf tea has a strong ‘green’ flavor.
  • An excellent source of folic acid, an essential nutrient during pregnancy.
  • High in calcium and magnesium.
  • Builds healthy bones and nourishes the nervous system.
  • A warm oatmeal bath is relaxing and it softens skin and relieves the itch of a growing belly.
  • Eat oatmeal and oat bread.

Dandelion Root Tea
  • Increases digestion and promotes bile to relieve constipation.
  • One of the best herbs for cleansing and strengthening the liver (the liver breaks down hormones no longer needed by the body after birth, and any drugs that may have been given at birth).
  • Roasted dandelion root tea is a great coffee substitute (it tastes a bit like java).

  • Contains many essential nutrients including trace minerals, chlorophyll, and vitamin K, a nutrient necessary for blood clotting.
  • Many midwives advise drinking mild tasting alfalfa tea or taking alfalfa tablets during the last trimester of pregnancy to decrease postpartum bleeding or chance of hemorrhaging.
  • Alfalfa also increases breast milk.

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