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offlikeapromdress 10-23-2006 10:42 AM

Nursing strike?
Aidan is getting ready to turn 3mos old and we have struggled with bf'ing from birth. He was tongue tied, I had thrush twice, low supply, and we are supplementing b/c he didnt gain enough weight. Our current schedule has been (for the last 3mos) formula during the day and then he nurses in the evening and overnight. I got my first period last week and he refused to nurse. Well on Sat my cycle ended so I went back to trying to nurse him and he just plain refuses. He makes this ugly face, like I put lemon juice on my nipples or something. He wont even try to suck from them. Im starting to wonder if I should just stop all together and be glad we got 3mos out of him or what? Is this just a nursing strike? I have put him on my nipple before every feeding, even the day ones for the last two days but he gets sooo mad and screams that then it takes me a half hour to settle him down to even take a bottle. Any suggestions.

CJNeeley 10-23-2006 11:11 AM

Re: Nursing strike?
I would think so. To me it sounds like he didn't like the change in taste while you were menstrating (alot of babies I've heard don't) and doesn't want near the breast because he doesn't trust that it's back to normal. I'd try to frequently coax him to try the breast so he can see it's not what he fears. And would just plan to power pump and dry nurse him next cycle.

But I didn't get my cycle with the boys until after weaning and with dd she seems to like it as she wants to nurse more often and with a fury at that time of the maybe another mama who's been through it could help you more.

offlikeapromdress 10-23-2006 11:13 AM

Re: Nursing strike?
I dont let down to a pump. I had a medela pis and never got a drop out of it. So I have it on ebay so im starting to get engorged. I have been hand expressing each morning in the shower.

MamaMel 10-23-2006 11:25 AM

Re: Nursing strike?
can you express a little onto your nipples then kinda move your nipples across his lips so that he can taste that its fine?

offlikeapromdress 10-23-2006 11:26 AM

Re: Nursing strike?
tried that.

AshersMommy 10-23-2006 11:29 AM

Re: Nursing strike?
Maybe put some of what he has been drinking (formula?) onto your nipple? Or you can put some into a dropper, and when you latch him on, also feed him that through the dropper so he is rewarded for sucking...

CJNeeley 10-23-2006 11:30 AM

Re: Nursing strike?
:yeahthat: I'd try that for now. And I'm not sure what to do next month...

:blush: Maybe you and DH could workout a 'don't swallow' agreement for that time of the month.

crydparker 10-23-2006 12:31 PM

Re: Nursing strike?
Is he frustrated b/c it is so much easier to get the milk out of the bottle?

offlikeapromdress 10-23-2006 01:31 PM

Re: Nursing strike?
maybe but we have been doing this for the last 3 mos.

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