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emilyTXHIItaly 03-24-2013 03:32 AM

honda civic graco snugride installation
Our 2004 honda civic only has LATCH on the left and right sides, but not in the middle. I could use the inner LATCH from each side, but that is not supposed to be recommended. I have the car seat installed in the middle seat with the seatbelt and the seat belt stopper-buckle (don't know the technical term) that came with the car seat (Graco Snugride 22), but because it is a freely-moving seatbelt, I don't think that is recommended, either. I've been doing it, and I just periodically tighten when it loosens a little bit with the movement of taking the car seat on and off the base. It seems like the option the car seat manual would tell me to do is put it in the right (passenger) rear side with LATCH, but I feel like the middle is safer. Does anyone have a Honda Civic with this problem (freely moving middle seatbelt, no LATCH in the middle)? What have you done with your car seats? Thanks! We live overseas (military), so I can't just take my car seat to the local fire department for help as they recommend.

Computermama 03-24-2013 04:44 AM

Re: honda civic graco snugride installation
By freely moving, you mean manual? As in, no ratchet? If so, that's perfectly fine.

Statistically, yes the middle is safer, but only by a minute percentage. If you're not getting an install you're happy with, it's probably safer to move baby's seat to another spot. If I was doubting the install, that's what I would do.

canadianbakers 03-24-2013 07:11 AM

Re: honda civic graco snugride installation
Seat belt installs are just as safe as LATCH installs - both are safe as long as it's a good, correct install.

The seat belt must lock in some way. It is a shoulder/lap belt, right? Not just a lap belt? If it's a lap belt, it will definitely lock in some way and I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to use a locking clip (the locking thing with the seat you mentioned) on a lap belt.

If it's a shoulder/lap belt, try pulling it all the way out - does it rachet (click) back in?
If it doesn't lock like that, the latch plate itself (the part on the seat belt that you buckle) should have a locking mechanism. Sometimes these don't work - either because they just suck, or because the angle of the seat belt doesn't allow it to work.
You can use a locking clip with these belts, though, so you can just do that instead.

Make sure when you're installing that you're putting weight on the seat/base (I usually kneel in ours) and pulling the belt tightly. If you're using a locking clip do the same, but make sure to hold the belt tightly, unbuckle and place the locking clip on the belt (I always make it a little bit closer/tighter than I am holding it, in case I've let some belt slip), and rebuckle the belt.

If you feel like you'll have a better/tighter install on the outboard seats, with LATCH, then that's fine too. They do recommend the middle seat, but that's not always possible - and definitely not possible for every kid if you have more than one, kwim?

ambivalent_amy 03-24-2013 07:58 AM

I had that exact car/seat combo (and I'm a car seat tech as well). Is your vehicle North American specs? If so, your seatbelt locks at the retractor as the previous poster has described. Despite this, I'd strongly recommend using a locking clip (metal clip provided with your carseat) rather than locking the retractor. This particular infant base is very prone to tipping to the side when installed with a locked retractor. It's a little fiddly to get the clip on initially, but it'll give you a good solid center install. There are instructions for using the clip in the Snugride manual. Alternatively, I'd recommend installing outboard with LATCH (what we chose to do with ours).

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