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MyFourStars 08-30-2010 09:28 AM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!
Hi all! It's comforting to hear other preemie stories; Sometimes you feel so alone!

My oldest was full term, 38w, but a c-section because she was breech and refused to turn.
DD2 was 34w. I had PTL with her from 24w on. SO many trips to L&D for terbutaline. My water broke at 34w3d and she was born crying. 5lb 4oz and 18.5in. She spent 14d in the NICU for As&Bs, jaundice, and body temp. She came home wire-free. She hit all her milestones on time or a little after but needed no therapy and she is so far an A student. She has a slight speech delay but it's not enough to require therapy.
DS1 was 32w. I had PTL from 26w on, ended up in the hospital at 31w when I was in full blown labor that they were able to stop with mag *shudder*, but then I had PPROM at 32w exactly. He came out at 4lb 15.5oz SCREAMING, needing no assistance at all. He stayed in the hospital for 3.5 days for routine checks and just came home on billi lights for 5 days. He had surgery for pyloric stenosis at 5 weeks. Unfortunately, he developed tort at 3 months, was EXTREMELY delayed in every area imaginable, and was in some sort of therapy five days a week. He was finally able to eat baby food at 15 months in small quantities, even with physical therapy he needed a walker until 15m and didn't walk well until 18m. He STILL has a speech delay at 4, and he had 20 minutes of speech 5 days a week in preschool last year. We're starting again this year but man...
DS2 was born at 31w6d. I had the progesterone shots during the entire pregnancy, NO bedrest! I had PPROM at 31w but the docs didn't believe me until my fluid dropped to 2cm. They induced me and he was born at 4lbs 4oz (probably due to the fact he had NO FREAKING FLUID for a week...) and 18in. He was SO red and sickly looking :cry: He came home after 11 days, on an apnea monitor, but was back in the hospital a week later when he had two episodes of apnea that required serious stimulation to get him out of. Turned out he had reflux and was on meds for 8 months. He had tort and because I knew what to look for, I caught it at 2 months and he only needed two months of therapy to fix it. He had surgery at 1 for Cryptorchidism. Now he's HUGE and has no delays TG.
DS3 was born at 35w2d!!! Almost fullterm by my standards LOL. I had the shots again, plus betamethasone at 33 weeks when my cervix dilated to 3cm. I had PPROM after having a backache all night. Had I known my backache was labor, I would have gone to the hospital to let them stop it (they give us the option to stop after 34w). He was 5lbs 1 oz, 19in. He came out screaming too, but they took him because he was "breathing too fast". I don't buy anything anyone in that room said though. The only one who was good was my actual nurse. The delivering doc shoved her hand in my hoohaa to "check for a rupture" and ripped my placenta out. She's also butchered my stomach when she tied my tubes... Grrr. Anyway, he spent 4 days in the NICU, no problems at all. He has reflux but is off Zantac now because it constipates him so badly. I can't have ANY dairy at all, not even things with lactic acid in them, or his stomach bloats and he has awful gas. He was hospitalized with rotovirus at two months after he received the vaccine. You aren't supposed to give the vax if the baby is on liquid antacids, but that little tidbit is BURIED in the papers, so no one knew until I found it. Poor baby. He ENORMOUS now though, 19+lbs, and hitting milestones pretty well.
And just because I :wub: them all so much...

mommabritt 08-30-2010 10:44 AM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

Originally Posted by Chrijodo (Post 11091085)
WOW 6 lb 32 weeker??? He was A BIG BOY!!!

:giggle:I know mama! It was such a blessing, he was 11.15 on his actual due date.:headscratch:

All these babies and stories are so sweet! :goodvibes:

Chrijodo 08-30-2010 11:13 AM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!
I just had to share with people who understand...

One of my girls is coming home today!!!!!!! They are 2 weeks old today (adjusted age 36 weeks gestation). I am so excited, nervous, scared, anxious.. .and sad that I have to leave her sister there :(

shortcake2386 08-30-2010 12:29 PM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

Originally Posted by Chrijodo (Post 11103119)
I just had to share with people who understand...

One of my girls is coming home today!!!!!!! They are 2 weeks old today (adjusted age 36 weeks gestation). I am so excited, nervous, scared, anxious.. .and sad that I have to leave her sister there :(

:lostit:yeah!!! and :hugs:

mommato4kids 08-30-2010 08:17 PM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!
I LOVE this thread.

DD#1-Full term. 37 weeks. 6lbs 1 oz
DD#2-Preemie. 28 weeks. PROM. Extreme IUGR. 1 lb 7 oz. At my routine 18 week ultrasound they found that our little one was NOT growing and explained to us that she would never make it to 24 weeks. They said the will die and they wanted us to terminate. Well we made it to 28 weeks and my water broke. I stayed in the hospital 2 days and then had a placental abruption so we delivered my little girl that night. Maygen spent 90 days in the NICU. She was extremely sick when she was born and again they said she wouldn't make it. We had the oscilator, vent, c-pap and nasal canula. We came on home monitors and O2. At her 1st b-day she was just shy of 10 pounds and we had a g-tube put in. She had many medical issues like BPD, cystic kidney, VSD, thyroid issues, GI issues, etc. She was on tube feeds for 3 years and just recently we had her tube taken out. She is doing amazing and God has blessed us with her beautiful life! Here is a pic of her a few days after birth.

And her today:

DD#3-Full term. 39 weeks. 8 lbs 12 oz
DD#4-Fulll term. 39 weeks. 8lbs 4 oz

Both #3 and #4 I received progesterone shots weekly for 20 weeks.

Currently pg with #5. 37 weeks and counting!

nicumama 08-30-2010 08:33 PM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!
My Daughter was born at 32 weeks and 2 days. To start off our story, at age 21 I had one ovary removed due to a large dermoid tumor surrounding it. I have HBP, Hypothyroidism and Asthma (all controlled with meds). Found out I was pregnant and instantly started showing! Honestly I asked the Ultrasound tech to check the screen a million times for more than 1 baby! Morning sickness for 4 months, all day and night! Then got a few weeks break from puking only for it to start up again, but not as bad. At my 13week ultrasound the tech saw something-determined it to be an 8" fybroid behind my cervix. At 24 weeks I was hopitalized over night for Very high blood pressure, released the following day and ordered to be on bedrest with weekly nonstress tests. Sent to the high risk clinic a few weeks later (28weeks I think). Over the course of my pregnancy I had a total of 8 ultrasounds. Just a few days shy of 32 weeks I was at a clinic appt when I did the Protein test and the color result was sooooo dark it was off the chart! YIKES! I was admitted to L & D for observation, where I spent 3 nights. Received the shots to boost babys lung development the first night and second night. The morning of July 5, I was told to call my family - baby was gonna be delivered that day. I had the fybroid, several preeclampsia and severe urtic protein, plus the amniotic fluid had dropped. My lil 3lb 13oz daughter Graciela was born via Emerg Csection. She was 18inches long. Came out bum first and holding her umblical cord in her hand, crying. During the Csection my BP was sooo high,over 200, the DR actually turned the monitor so I couldnt see it, and they kept pumping my IV full of more meds so I wouldnt have seizures. DD was taken to NICU where she was on CPAP for a few hours and tube fed thru her nose. She was very fisty! Pulled out her feeding tube and IV several times. Was under the Lights for Jaundice for 1 day. She remained in NICU for 7days before being transfered to a level 2 Special Care Nursery closer to home where she stayed for another 2 weeks. Following delivery I remained in hospital for 6 days, they were having trouble getting my BP to go down. I was home for a week, then hospitalized for another 6 days with a blood clot in my leg. I had daily lovnox injections in my stomach and on warfarin for 6 months after that. I still have trouble with the swelling and pain in my leg and wear a support stocking.
At 22 days old when Graciela came home she was 4lbs 15oz. Today she is 2 years old and 29lbs and almost 34inches tall. She did have reflux til about 8months corrected. She still doesnt sleep thru the night! Sometimes has night terrors. I find whenever she gets sick it settles in her chest, and when she gets a cough/cold she vomits frequently. She has all 20 teeth and talks non stop! She is also a picky eater and lacks protein in her diet, so she gets a protein powder in her milk once a day and also has trouble with constipation, she gets colace drops daily.
I'd post more pics, if I could figure out how (Someone PM me please with info- thanks)

graysonandmommy 08-31-2010 08:49 PM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!
Grayson was born at 36 weeks 0 days. Not so early but early enough for a NICU stay. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 34 weeks. For the next few weeks I was put on bedrest and closely monitored. At 35 weeks 6 days I went in for another nst but they decided that my pre-clampsia was now severe and I had to go to the hospital immedietely for induction. My family practice doctor told me at the start of the appointment that his goal was to make it to 37 weeks. He went to consult with the ob he worked with on the phone and I called my husband at work with the news while waiting. Then the doctor came back and said the ob wanted me induced that day.

So I had to call my husband again and tell him we were going to be having a baby by tomorrow. I was not allowed to drive due to how ill I was so my mom who had taken me to the appointment took me to the hospital. I had no hospital bag or anything and was told not to go home and get it because I needed hospitalized asap. I checked in the hospital with a purse that contained my cell phone, my wallet and a sudoku book and pen. That was it. I also had a sweater on.

I was put in a room at the hospital and given cervodil which hurt so much. My mom waited with me because she did not want me to be alone. I was a 34 week preemie and she had delivered me by herself because the army hospital had told her parents and her mother in law (who was her birth coach since my dad was in basic training for the army) to go home and rest since I wasn't going to be born any time soon. I was born an hour later to my mom who was a first time mommy with no one there to support her so she was not going to leave until my husband came just in case they decided to do an emergency c-section.

My husband arrived a few hours later and stayed overnight with me. I was given a second dose of cervodil at midnight and a third at noon the next day but I did not dilate past 2 cm after 24 hours of cervodiil. At 2 pm I was given an epidural so they could start me on pitocin which caused me to contract really well but I never dilated. I never even felt contractions. By 4 pm the doctors had decided I was not going to dilate anymore and i was too sick to wait anymore so they would have to do a c-section. My mom and dad were at the hospital again by then but only my husband could come to the or with me.

Of the c-section and delivery I remember very little. I was very ill and the magnesium for my blood pressure made me groggy. I threw up several times on the table which was horrible. The bright lights in the or made me sleepy and I began dosing off. DH says they kept giving me morphine every time I showed any pain. When Grayson was born and they had done the initial cleaning him and wrapping him in a blankie, my husband held him up for me to see but I was so drugged at that point that I did not recognize him nor register that he was holding a baby in his arms. My mind did not start to clear until I was in the recovery room and my husband began telling me all about our baby. He weighed 5 lbs 2 oz which was much smaller than the doctor had expected. The doctor said the baby had IUGR and had stopped growing due to my preeclampsia and he also had a small hole in his heart due to stress which we were told would close with time.

I was taken from recovery to the NICU to see my baby and I just remember thinking he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen although looking back at his pictures now he is 100 times cuter today. Grayson spent 1 week in the NICU mainly due to him falling asleep when being fed and not taking a whole feeding. He had a gavage tube but he could not go home until he was eating from breast or bottle on his own and not needing a tube.

He was on similac neosure for his first 2 months before he was put on regular formula. Now he just loves to eat. At 4 months he was 14 pounds and 50th percentile. At nearly 6 months he gobbles down cereal and purees. Hard to believe this is a baby who would sleep when being fed as a newborn. He seems to be hitting most milestones normally although I feel bad every time a mom in his baby center group says their baby is crawling or sitting unassisted already. He's happy and loveable and average sized which is fine with me.

Whimsy Twist 09-01-2010 05:34 PM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

Originally Posted by Chrijodo (Post 11103119)
I just had to share with people who understand...

One of my girls is coming home today!!!!!!! They are 2 weeks old today (adjusted age 36 weeks gestation). I am so excited, nervous, scared, anxious.. .and sad that I have to leave her sister there :(

Congrats!!! :hugs: Are you able to bring the first baby back with you to be there for the second? We were able to, but I've heard of places that don't (which is so sad, IMO). What a happy day!!!

crazylife 09-01-2010 05:56 PM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!
My boys were born at 36w5d which is pretty much full-term for twins. My water broke at home Sunday @ 6:45pm and they were born naturally Tues. @ 2:28am and 2:44am :) In the NICU we were in the room that had all twins in it - including a couple who were in our pre-natal class - so that was neat. My boys looked huge compared to some of the babies in there, I remember! They weighed 5.1lbs and 4.3lbs and now at 4.5 y.o. are 41lbs and 39lbs :)
Freshly born:

Whimsy Twist 09-01-2010 06:06 PM

Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!
Here are some pictures!!

Here is Carter immediately after birth-

Here is Chloe at 4 days old- down to 2lb 4oz, from 2lb 10oz. She was pretty sick here!

6 months

Carter at 6m

And Now!

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