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Julesboch 02-01-2011 03:47 AM

May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!
Holy Cow:cowwave: it's February!!!

Had an impromptu lunch date with DH yesterday and had yummy Japanese food:drif:. Then went to a few stores to get ideas on how to get the house ready for baby and to spruce it up a bit. We moved in Aug but have yet to put anything on the walls :hide:. That is one of our goals for before he leaves and that is to make this house a home. It is so hard since being Navy we know that we will be moving eventually so putting that effort in seems pointless sometimes.

I have an appt Monday and I will be talking to my OB about these awful moods I have been in. They are seriously bumming me out so hopefully we can figure it out!

Have a super first day of February!! :goodvibes::goodvibes::goodvibes:

QOTD: What do you do to get over the winter blahs??

AOTD: I shop! This is the time of year I get little things here and there to brighten up the house or to spruce up my wardrobe just so I don't get cranky this time of year.

luvnmyfamily 02-01-2011 05:07 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!
Hey Jules! I know I don't get to have daily chat with you all very often, but here I am today! Ha ha.... I feel you on the moving thing. We'll be moving this fall and I'm tempted to start boxing decorations and things up now so we don't have to deal with it all when we have 2 kids... Awful, I know. Sorry about the crummy moods... I go through phases like that, too, but not as bad as my last pregnancy. I hope the doc can help!

Not much going on here... Just bein lazy while we wake up, and it's payday so we'll be off to the com at 8 to pick up groceries. Picking up a used kilcraft double stroller today! That's about all!
AOTD: When it starts warming up, it feels so good to be able to take a walk and feel the sunshine!!

Mama4Ways 02-01-2011 06:25 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!
Jules--YAY on dates with dh! That's always a perk! I hear you on moving. Bad moods suck, but arent unusual, so hopefully the doc can help.

Luv--YAY on used strollers and lazy mornings!

AOTD-I tend to clean or move stuff around. This year it will be just packing and Im already looking forward to having a stack of boxes ready to go. I really need to get on that. LOL

AFM--I need to get boxes and do the last push here to get everything out of here and I just cant seem to get around to getting them. I may just end up buying some and having them delivered and calling it good. I also need to decide on my next knitting and/or sewing project and might dive into doing the NB-3mo wardrobe for baby if I can decide on what to do and see if I have patterns for it all. Ugh. It seems too much to think about!

Ames2x 02-01-2011 07:34 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!
we are getting ready for the blizzard doodah doodah :) going to do my glucose test today as well. stocking up on groceries and already stocked up on yarn so I can knit like a fool if we lose power and I am unable to sew :) we are supposed to get 10-15" tonight and then an additional 4-6" tomorrow. we are under a blizzard warning and everything lol. super exciting :) oh and in case I am not on for a couple of days I have a 3d or 4d whatever they are called US on friday :)

AOTD: I knit and sew and catch up on projects that I havent gotten to when its warm.. The sense of accomplishment is wonderful :)

OrangeBananas 02-01-2011 09:16 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!
Good morning :)

Today is moving day for my little guys, and myself. We have been staying with a friend for a little bit, but we are moving into an extended stay hotel. Should be an interesting day :).

AOTD: I never know how to get rid of the winter blahs, I usually bake, but since I am not in my own house (and the extended stay hotel doesn't have an oven, just a stove stop) we will have to find another thing to pass the time.

SchatziB 02-01-2011 09:22 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!
I'm with you gals as well on pulling the house together. We also move every two or three years so unless I get cracking right away I don't feel very invested in it when a move is already looming. DH has been a champ and so much in this house needs to be painted just so it shows better when we are ready to rent it. But the goofball really wants one of his man rooms downstairs to be his football room.... and paint it Viking Purple. ???? Its a nice room with a pool table, extra fridge a corner table and lots of space which will all be a big draw but all anyone will remember is everything below the chair rail is concord grape! The 1100 sq feet downstairs was all lilac orginally and this is the last room. I don't see how he doesnt catch that the level of offended he was by the very light purple is how most people will feel about his purple :)

Question~ I knit too. :) Snuggling up on the couch with a cup of warm something and seeing progress on my project helps it feel cozy and not dreary. A good girlfriend to gab with at the same time tops it off, especially if she brings over her kids and they all head off to the playrooms

Bumstoppers 02-01-2011 09:37 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!
Good luck with the move Savannah. How long will you be staying there?

Bracing for the snow here as well....I have a ton of sewing that needs to be done. I guess if we lose power I will switch to cutting out and snapping instead....

mich*mommy 02-01-2011 09:38 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!

Had an early peds derm appt with DD2. Fun times. It snowed over night so it was slick and the highway was backed up because of an accident. GRR!

Just chillin' here and waiting for the storm to hit. We are under a Blizzard Warning and supposed to get 12-21" of snow. WOOHOO!!

I don't know that I really get the winter blahs...I love winter and snow! ;) I know weirdo, right? ;)

Mama4Ways 02-01-2011 09:39 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!
All these knitters! So... help me out. What should I make next??? I have wool and other stuff, just cant decide on what to do! HELP! :D Y'all are brilliant, so I know you will lead me in the right direction.

mamamaggie 02-01-2011 09:52 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Feb 1st!
AOTD- I shop too. Last February I spent way too much on summer clothes for dd, and this year I seem to be spending too much on fall clothes for her next year since they are on sale now. Plus now there are things for the new baby to buy. I just like to look ahead.

Snow day today, so dh will be home, which is nice. THe house is a wreck though, so I will probably spend the day cleaning, although the cold (-10) is making it so I am having a very hard time getting started today. It's already almost nine and I'm just getting on the internet!

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