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~happy2Bamommy~ 11-05-2009 08:15 AM

PLEASE READ!! Paypal fees,payments,delivery confirmation & MULTIPLE THREADS!!
This is a quick reminder that is it AGAINST paypal regulations to mark payments as "payment owed" when you are buying goods. This makes it against the rules here as well.

Payments MUST be marked as "goods" not services or anything else :thumbsup:

You have no protection when paying by the other methods offered.

PLEASE report all threads that you see where seller is asking payment be marked as ANYTHING other than "goods". Report a thread/post by hitting the red exclamation mark in the top right hand corner of post.

Also, ALL packages need to be sent with Delivery Confirmation.

Another thing I need to touch on is the request that your buyer handles paypal fees. This is actually confusing for many buyers. Please,factor the fees in your asking price. You can always offer a discount if they buy more than one item. It is not the buyers responsibility to cover sellers fees.

Lastly, there is a limit of ONE THREAD per FSOT forum. This means that if you are listing clothing in a size 12 month all clothing must be listed in one thread,not sorted by brand and in different threads :goodvibes: Moderators have been working to pm sellers and combine threads but multiple threads have reached pandemic levels :lostit: We may have to simply start trashing extra threads.

Okay,that's it! Thanks so much for being a part of our FSOT boards!

Happy Shopping 'n Selling to you all :goodvibes:

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