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misidawnrn 12-07-2010 06:23 PM

Easy scrub/nurses hat tutorial. pix heavy
I just whipped out 2 of these (with more halfway done) so I figured I would put a tutorial on here for anyone that wants to make some.

First you need one piece of material 7 1/2 inches by 31 inches and an 8 inch in diameter circle. (have a nifty little template thing that you use a rotary cutter with) but you can use a dinner plate or what ever.
12 inches of 1/8th inch elestic
one pony bead
one toggle

(NOTE: the serging is completely optional, you can hem the bottom without serging it and/or zig-zag the edges or do nothing if you want)

Serge the bottom egde of the long piece and iron it up 1/2 inch but DON'T sew the hem yet. You will see why later.

Sew the back seam shut (make sure the bottom edge is open, not folded up)
Cut a triange off of the bottom that is 2" long on both sides.

Now serge the back seam first then the opening that you just made by cutting off the triangle.

Iron the back opening made by cutting off the triange up about 1/2 inch or so (didn't measure sorry.) and hem it.

Next take your pony bead and put it on your elastic and then put both ends of the elastic through the toggle.

Place the elastic in 4 inches on the lower unhemmed (but ironed) edge and fold the lower edge over, making sure to hold the end of elastic in place. Stitch the end of elastic at the 4 inch mark. I pinned the elastic close to the fold to keep from stitching over it. Repeat for the other side.

Now sew the complete lower edge hem. It should look like this...

Mark the middle of the upper edge of the long strip. You can do this part how ever you want but I learned a nifty trick of zigzaging over a piece of dental floss. Basically you want to be able gather the front 8 inches of the long strip after you pin it to the circle top. If you do the dental floss trick, do it on the wrong side for ease of gathering.

Pin the top circle to the long piece, starting in the back and ending up at the front so you can gather the 8 inch space to fit the circle. (I hope that makes sense!)

Sew it all together, making sure to adjust material where the gathers are so they are all straight.

Serge the top if desired.

I put a little fray check on the serging ends.

Here is my little girl modeling it for you. (I hate my picture taken! but I promise it fits my head)

mcpforever 12-07-2010 08:20 PM

Re: Easy scrub/nurses hat tutorial. pix heavy
That's awesome! I love tutorials! Thank you for taking the time to make one.

THBVsMama 12-08-2010 07:50 PM

Re: Easy scrub/nurses hat tutorial. pix heavy
Thanks for sharing! It looks great.

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