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jjaelovesenglish 09-13-2006 09:33 PM

Baby advice, rash, constipation related.
Okay, need advice or help or whatever mamas. My DD seems to have been constipated. Then all of a sudden she has big poops that seem to really irritate her bum. After two in a row I decide to feed her (she didn't eat much breakfast) all stage 2 pears, squash and green beans. Usually she has some kind of meat mixed in all of that, but I am trying to help the poor little girl poop. When I changed her about an hour and a half after dinner she had another big poop. Yeah! Dh changed the dipe in between the poops so I changed three poopy dipes right in a row :yuck: Anyway, when I changed her right before bed, her bum was really red (after three poops I don't blame it) and she actually fussed (not like her) when I put the Desitin on her and put her in a sposie :yuck: :yuck: Usually now she is in a VBSN with a crat soaker, but all I have is A&D and Desitin (bought it when she was born) and she still has the same tubes. We are not used to these issues with diaper rash.
What do I do? Should I keep her smothered in Desitin and keep feeding her foods that will help her go number 2? We haven't had loose stools, just big stools (for an 11 month old anyhow).
Help I need avice from you mamas

mamagina 09-14-2006 09:33 PM

Re: Baby advice, rash, constipation related.
All my kids have had this problem. I've just recently been able to modify their diets so that they are "regular" but I'd resorted to giving them prunes and oatmeal alot when they were younger. And for some reason, they do get really irritated when they go. Not always, I've noticed it is dependant on what foods they're eaten. I've been a regular user of A&D when they are rashy, and I haven't had any problems with it and my prefolds and I just used a fleece liner if I used a "nicer" diaper.

I'd say just keep at the diet changes. For us, I've found that a few ounces of juice (between 2 and 4ounces) mixed with water(betwen 4 and 6 ounces) everyday seems to really help now.

MrsBreeder 09-15-2006 05:14 PM

Re: Baby advice, rash, constipation related.
Are they hard, pebble-like poos?

My daughter was CONSTANTLY constipated. We were always having to "dig around" down there just to get her going. Finally figured out it was an intolerance/allergy to milk.

Now the child can't stop pooping. If you have any other symptoms such as eczema, you might want to check into what the baby is eating.

fostermomcchr 09-16-2006 12:17 PM

Re: Baby advice, rash, constipation related.
If you put mylanta or milk of magnesia on her bum-thin layer-and let it dry before putting the desitin on, it will neutralize the acid in her BM so it will feel better.

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