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grizzardmommy 12-18-2010 04:15 PM

annoyed..dumb ob alert
So my sister is fixing to turn 18 next week an is pregnant. She called me yesterday to ask me about being in labor.

She told me he's head down an engaged an dilated to a 3. No idea if she's effaced. She's been having contractions every 10 min off an on for a week. So she asked me about water breaking an helping things along an when to call the hospital. bc her doc has told her nothing.

Her ob has given her 2 different due dates, but has never done a second us to determine where he's growing since then. The dates are Dec 24 and Jan 1. Well at her last appt he said well since both those dates are holidays why dont I induce you on Dec 20 so i don't miss my holidays. I almost dropped the phone!!!! I said don't you dare let him. I explained why and she also told me that he said if she ended up at hospital for false labor theyd induce bc she's so far along.

Ahh!!! These ppl are induction happy!! She is preggo with her first an is progressing fine, let my nephew come when he's ready!!

misskira 12-18-2010 04:33 PM

Re: annoyed..dumb ob alert
It's too bad he's only going to be compensated with hundreds (thousands?) of dollars for missing that holiday, if baby even comes on one of those days. Which likely he won't. :banghead:

KandFsMomma 12-18-2010 04:49 PM

Re: annoyed..dumb ob alert
Wow, I'm glad she's talking to you. I hope she stands up for herself and doesn't let him induce her. If she isn't due until Jan 1st and they induce on the 20th that could be too early for that poor little babe. :hugs: Momma, good luck

grizzardmommy 12-18-2010 04:49 PM

Re: annoyed..dumb ob alert
No kidding. Ugh. I just want her to have as good of a experience as possible.

jessc82 12-18-2010 04:54 PM

Re: annoyed..dumb ob alert
Sounds like my OB with ds1. He offered to induce me 2 weeks early so he wouldn't miss the biggest OSU game of the year. Didn't end up mattering, DS was 5 weeks early on his own. :giggle:

Hope she goes into labor on her own and has an easy labor/delivery.

squiddles 12-28-2010 02:02 PM

Re: annoyed..dumb ob alert
eek! I know this was 10 days ago... how is she now? even if she goes in for false labor she can still refuse to be induced.... seriously... get up and walk out if they come near with pitocin!!

hope all goes/went well!!

wambrita 12-28-2010 05:48 PM

Re: annoyed..dumb ob alert
OMG this bugs me soo much! Honestly it sounds like a doctor with a young patient, and is taking advantage of the naivety that comes with young age -not insulting your sister of course, but we were ALL naive at 18- and is feeding her a line of BS that he shouldn't be feeding her.

:Soap Box time here:

This reminds me of a situation I came across while grocery shopping as a family with my DH and two DDs. The cashier is about my height.. and being 4'11" I tend to marvel because meeting someone that's my height is a RARITY; and apparently she's the same way; nothing wrong with that! Anyway, since we had a cartload of groceries and she was friendly she said to me, "So how long did it take you to recover from your C-sections?" :jawdrop: My reply after 2 seconds of stunned silence was "Um, I had them vaginally..." and she said "REALLY? You're smaller than I am!" I could tell that her reaction was GENUINE and not fake or condescending at all.

I'm assuming she said this because while we were the same height, figure wise I'm more proportionate and I've got a very small and slim bone structure; she was a bit pear shaped with larger hips than I have; nothing wrong with this of course!

And what came out of her mouth made me beyond shocked and angry at her OB.. "Well, I got pregnant with my son at 17, and my doctor told me I was too young and too small to deliver vaginally so he said if I didn't have a C-section, my son would die." Now I've never heard that as an excuse to force a C-section on anyone in my LIFE; my mother got pregnant with me at 16 and had me at 17 and I was born vaginally (back in 1985)... and then she went on to say "Then my son was premature because they took an ultrasound 6 weeks before I was due and said that he was over 8 pounds and if he wasn't delivered then, it would cause problems since he was getting too big for me to carry." I responded with "Wow, how big was he when he was born?" and she said "He was 4 pounds and spent 3 months in the NICU!" My response was, "Well, no offense to you but your doctor fed you a big crock of lies, my OB told me as long as my oldest wasn't over 10 pounds I would have NO problem delivering the natural way. Your height has nothing to do with your ability to birth a baby vaginally, the size of your pelvis does." She was shocked and went, "Really? How big were your girls then?" to which I responded "They were both 7lbs 6oz, and were full term." We were done with the checkout and paying process and we awkwardly said goodbye.. and after we walked a bit away I looked back at her and she had an extremely thoughtful look on her face.. I'm assuming that she was thinking about and questioning her experience.

By no means do I hold any fault against her; we're conditioned to think that doctors know better than we do, and when you're a teenager like that with NO support from anyone -she mentioned her mother was unsupportive and still is- you just assume that the doctor knows what they are talking about and that you HAVE to follow what they say or something bad will happen. Knowledge is power; and unfortunately the lack of support in her situation left her pretty clueless.

Grizzardmommy, I honestly think the best thing you can do for your sister if you're able to is go with her to her last few appointments and be there for the delivery. Be her advocate and get questions answered and help her weigh what they are telling her, because I can already see this dummy doctor saying she's going to have to have an unnecessary C-section for some crockpot reason. She's lucky to have a sister like you that's willing to take time to answer her questions for her!

I should add... I was pregnant at 19 and had my oldest DD after my 20th birthday, and being young, naive I was VERY scared of vaginal birth and asked if we could plan a C-section. My OB reassured me that I was more than capable of doing a vaginal birth with an up to 10 pound baby and refused to even consider doing an elective C on me.. and I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am to him for saying no to me; more doctors need to be this way!

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