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sublime.mommy 05-27-2013 09:07 PM

FFS: diapers in need of love
Everything is currently pending. will update.

Free for shipping:

Project diapers:
4 bububebe os (?) fitteds each has elastic issues on one leg. comes with snap in soaker/liners (3 more available in usable condition, but with elastic showing through in places: cheap here:

1 pipers closet OS fitted again elastic issue on one leg

Both may work fine w/o fix on large leg toddler

Not pictured:
2 lime green sweet doll baby os pocket diapers. good elastic, but the pul is completely melted off the diaper. would work as a pocket/fitted hybrid used with a cover.
I'll include a pair of microfiber inserts with them.

Will cover shipping on above for anyone able to fix these for me:
each has one leg with bad elastic after first wash. brand new/company refused replacement.

Tina5834 05-27-2013 09:42 PM

What kind of diapers are those that you need fixed?

elizshabeth 05-27-2013 09:46 PM

Re: FFS: diapers in need of love
I am interested. PM sent.

sublime.mommy 05-27-2013 09:58 PM

Re: FFS: diapers in need of love
Bububebe pending

The ones that need fix are Funky Diaper brand

Tina5834 05-27-2013 10:07 PM

I can fix them for you.

hgibson2005 05-27-2013 10:30 PM

Re: FFS: diapers in need of love
I am interested sent pm

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