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m0mof6 11-25-2012 11:04 PM

We used to do Santa to an extent but made sure the kids knew the real reason we celebrated. When they would ask about Santa we would respond with "what do you think". Last year we did it a little different. The youngest of my older 4 was 6 and we decided to tell them. After telling them I let them each "shop" in my present stash for each other. I separated each item that was meant for each child and let them choose a present for each of their siblings and their dad. In this way they got to BE Santa showing them the true meaning of giving. They were told to not tell each other who gave them what as it was a secret. Some did better than others. ;) this year I am doing some swaps online and told the kids that our friends online were our Santas this year and we were theirs. They love this. My younger 2 are almost 3 and 16 months. My youngest obviously doesn't understand esp. As we have just started Christmas at our house. My almost 3 yr old, I have no idea if he understands as he is close to nonverbal. My now 7 yr old told my mil that he wasn't supposed to tell her that he knew Santa was real. Lol I ha told him that some people liked to pretend he was real and that some parents even let their kids think he was real and he wasn't to say anything. He is sensitive enough not to tell other kids but I thought it was funny that he thought it necessary to tell the grandma who made the biggest deal about Santa. She still insists on pretending with her grown up kids when there are no kids around.

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