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suprgrlx 05-23-2012 04:30 PM

Weaning to Return to Work (xpost)
I'm also posting this in Weaning Support, however since I'm going to continue BFing outside of work, I thought it would also be appropriate here.

Some background. My DD was born July 2011 and I'll be returning to work after my mat leave ends on August 6, 2012. My DCP is going to start meeting with me in mid-June to start easing DD into daycare. She'll be on holidays from July 21 until August 6, so during those two weeks DD will be home with me. I'd like her to be able to spend at least a couple full days at the DCP before this just to make sure things go smoothly and we (hopefully) won't have any surprises when she goes for her first "real" time on August 6.

The plan right now is to doing a few meetings with me and DD at the DCP starting the week of June 11. This will progress to me eventually leaving her for grocery trips (or other small errands, just something short with me relatively close by to test the waters), then some half days and then eventually a few full days before the DCP's holidays start.

Right now, I'm BFing quite a bit. DD eats solid food, but it's frankly mostly purées and she still takes in a lot of breast milk. She also nurses to sleep for both her naps, which is something that I'm going to have to work on. A typical day probably looks like this:

7am - wake - BF (this one I intend to keep)
8am - breakfast (purée)
9-9.30am - BF to sleep
10.30am - wake and BF
12pm - lunch (purée)
2pm - BF to sleep
3.30pm - wake and BF
5.30pm - BF
6pm - supper (purée)

I'm intending to continue nursing in the mornings as well as after work (this could probably include a session upon first getting home, so the 5.30 one might not have to drop.

Since she's a year old and I don't really want to pump at work, and I'm hoping this won't be necessary? She won't have to do formula during the day, will she? Also, since I want her to do a few full days in mid-July, she'll need to be able to go all day without BFing by then (two weeks before my expected return to work).

Can anyone help with a plan on how to move towards this? I'm really freaking out cause I have no idea how to make this adjustment.

Teexie 05-23-2012 08:48 PM

It is probably going to be difficult to come up with a solid plan this far in advance, since returning to work is a few months away. A few months to a 1 year old can mean a ton of changes! You will probably be able to determine by that point if pumping/formula will be necessary. If she is taking in enough good calories and nutrients throughout the day in other forms, it might not be necessary. Are you planning to introduce cow milk? If so, there's a chance she might hate it, so you'll have to take that into consideration...make a plan for pumping or introducing formula if needed. Is she taking a cup or bottle?

If I were in your position, I would start pumping every now and then right now, to get a small stash in place if needed. Her eating habits will likely fluctuate quite a bit once she starts taking more solids, so there might be days/weeks when you'd like her to take in more calories so you could send along some pumped milk on those days. Or skip the milk and nurse more at night if she's not sttn.

Don't stress too much might be very surprised by August! My DD is 13 months now, but 3 months ago there's no way I would have imagined she could go without nursing all day. Now she is eating well and drinking well from a cup, so I wouldn't worry if I had to leave her for the day. She has been a champ when she is alone with DH, while a few months ago she would have been a mess within 3 hrs :) Also, has she taken a nap without you around? There's not a chance on hades DD would fall asleep without nursing first when I'm here, but if I'm gone she'll fall asleep for DH no problem.

Good luck :) I think the schedule you have with your DCP is great!

tibeca 05-23-2012 09:15 PM

Re: Weaning to Return to Work (xpost)
One thing to consider is to nurse right at the DCP's when you drop her off and when you pick her up. That will dramatically cut the time between not being available to nurse. SO much happens to babies for growth between 10 months and a year, you might be surprised. On the same hand, having now had 2 babies, you really can't tell what a baby can and can't handle. DD1, even at 2 years old, would not sleep for my DH. DD2 figured out that daddy simply couldn't nurse and would gladly go to sleep for him without a fuss, starting at just 4 months! Do what feels right, but don't worry too much!

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