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jbug_4 07-09-2011 12:37 PM

Has anybody tried any of these?
I am getting ready to order some more diapers and I am thinking about several options. I have been using most BG3.0 (AIO) with the occasional pocket diaper thrown in. Please let me know what you think or have heard about these-2 of them I can't find any reviews on.

Here is what i am looking at:
SposoEasy AIO

To be used with either Bummis Super Whisper/ Super Bright/ Thirties Duo cover

Kissaluvs Contour (I have a Kissaluvs one size and i find that it leaks at the small space between the leg gusset and where the insert ends- not a big fan so I am very cautious about this one)

Imse Vimse Flannelette contour (really interested in this one)

Weehugger's Soaker Hugger (or any other product like this) to be used to cover a prefold. I use the prefolds as inserts in the covers and I don't like how much moisture stays near baby. The hugger is suppose to help that, without adding extra bulk.

Cottonbabies currently has 3.0 AIO's for 9.95- which actually the same price as the Imse. But I would save some money with any of the others if I chose them over the 3.0. I really like the 3.0, but would kind of like to try something else. I have tons of prefolds that I hardly use so the Hugger really interests me as well- if it works.

Please, Please Help.

ServingHim 07-09-2011 12:43 PM

Re: Has anybody tried any of these?
I don't believe the Sposoeasys are being made anymore. We used them during the nb/sm size and I liked them for day/short trip use but they would always leak at night.

Imse Vimse are good but aren't snappiable so if you don't mind using pins are just going closure-less in a cover then they work well.

KimA 07-09-2011 01:00 PM

Re: Has anybody tried any of these?
The Sposoeasy aren't available any more. :(
The flannel diapers are hard to Snappi and pin.
Go with the BG or try another natural fiber fitted. I love Bugga Bugga Boutique, Tiny Tush, HH Happy Hempy, Osocozy fitteds and lots of wahms make great fitteds. :)

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