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Sarah 06-23-2006 10:31 PM

EBF and Getting Pregnant
Taci is 14wks old. When she was 7wks I had one period,the DH and I screwed up once. Now I haven't had a period since. I'm terrified of testing because 4 children aren't in our grand plan.
Is it possible to have one period and then no more? I used to run like a swiss watch every 28 days even when I was breastfeeding the other two kiddos


dirtdartwife 06-23-2006 11:19 PM

Re: EBF and Getting Pregnant
Typically you can ignore any bleeding within the first 56 days postpartum. So yes, it's entirely possible to have what you may think was a period at 7 weeks and then not get another one until a later date. If you think you have a chance of being pregnant, then test so your mind is at ease. If it's positive then congrats!!! And if it's negative, then at least you're mind will rest easier and you'll know you're just in post partum amenorreah.

good luck and let us know the results of a test!!!!! :mrgreen:

EBF doesn't necessarily mean not being able to get pregnant, by the way. :blush: For most women it does delay the onset of ovulation/menstruation for awhile, but there are some that it doesn't. Have you had any other fertile signs that you could think of that would indicate your fertility returned at 7 weeks?

ThreeBunniesMoma 06-27-2006 05:13 PM

Re: EBF and Getting Pregnant
If your worried take a test. I ebf dd#1 I never had a period. When she was 9mo I got pg with dd#2 whoopsie lol. Now dd#3 is 4mo and we ebf I have yet to have a period as well but we are taking better measures to prevent another whoopsie. DH said 3 was his limit!:cry:

Proverbs169 06-27-2006 07:54 PM

Re: EBF and Getting Pregnant
I have had three AFs since June 2002 so yes, it is possible! I got pg with DD #3 after only one PP AF. I hope you can muster up the courage to test soon! :)

Sarah 06-27-2006 08:51 PM

Re: EBF and Getting Pregnant
Thank you all ladies,I'm still hoping AF will show up,but if not I now have plans to test Friday morning. Because not knowing is killing me and it's probably the reason I feel so sick to my stomach


kissum 06-28-2006 12:19 AM

Re: EBF and Getting Pregnant
Good luck!

mrsott 06-29-2006 08:57 AM

Re: EBF and Getting Pregnant
For the past few days I was going to post this same thing!! That is actually why I am on here at the moment. I was on BC since I was 14 b/c I would puke my guts up each period, so I was put on that to regulate it all... a month after I quit taking BC, I had one period and then was preg.... now she is 5 mos old, and I had spotting once, bright red, about a week ago... and I thought greeaatt.... a period... however, nothing since has happened, and DH and I hadn't ML in 2 days, so it wasn't spotting from that, which has happened on occasion since I was preg.... now being preg has been on my mind, and I'd rather not b/c I just got my body back!! no, j/k.... I want to have time to get to know this little one, and bf and co-sleep and pay off bills!!! before having another sweet I have been drinking the hell out of coffee, and have a beer every now and then, and am enjoying being not preg.... (and I just sold off my small stash!!) but anyways... I just called DH to tell him about this post and everyones responses and now he's freaking out and told me to go pick a test up. Do you have to take them all on your first am pee, or can you do it in the middle of the day?

p.s. what does everyone use for BC?? I want a hormone free BC (unless it is too late)

mrsott 06-30-2006 01:54 PM

Re: EBF and Getting Pregnant
I tested and it was a no :( As much as it isn't good timing righrt now, and DD is so young, we were both like dangit! So in one year we will start TTC.

ThreeBunniesMoma 06-30-2006 03:18 PM

Re: EBF and Getting Pregnant

Originally Posted by mrsott

p.s. what does everyone use for BC?? I want a hormone free BC (unless it is too late)

We use condoms with spermicide. Dh swears he gonna get a vasectomy but has yet to do it. I told him I was not at fault if we got pg again lol.:rofl:

KnottyLDSMama 06-30-2006 04:50 PM

Re: EBF and Getting Pregnant
I use a diaphragm with spermicide. LOVE IT.

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