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mrsrlgs12 04-20-2009 12:08 PM

She didn't grow at all. My fault... Update in original post
My DD gad her 1 year check up on Friday. She did not grow lengthwise at all from her 9 month appt and only gained 4 oz. We go back in a month for them to check her weight and lenght.

All I have heard all weekend is that since I am finally going to feed her real food she will grow like a weed. Did I do this to my baby? She is walking and trying to talk is very bright (figures things out on her own)... In other words does not seem delayed mentally. She has always had at least 1 poopy diap a day. I have started giving her solids now but I am going to feel like I wasn't doing what was best for my DD and like this is my fault if she happens to shoot up this month.

Any other Mama's little ones do this?

•••we went to the Dr today for our follow up weight check and DD gained half a pound and gre half an inch in a month!! Yeah!

Kiliki 04-20-2009 02:12 PM

Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...

Your breastmilk has WAAAAAAAY more nutrition than the whole box of rice cereal (which is pretty much just empty calories - with some iron mixed in). Please don't let others make you feel badly. What does your daughter's doctor say? Kids grow at different rates. Breastfeeding is never, ever BAD for your baby. :hugs:

luvmybaby333 04-20-2009 02:32 PM

Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...
Awwww... :bighug:

You did great, mama! My first DD was just like that. She was only 17 pounds at a year old. She was sooo petite, I always felt like a failure. But she just simply preferred mommy-milk to solids. She wasn't delayed whatsoever. In fact she was exceptionally bright (in the eyes of her mother ;))

Some babies are just small. Let me tell you: I weaned her shortly after her first B-day (I still regret it :cry: ) and everybody made a big fuss about how NOW she would start putting on weight and look like a "healthy" baby. It hurt my feelings, but I thought that maybe they were right. Unfortunately, that's not the way it worked. She continued to be incredibly picky about her foods. She never got to that chubby-baby point. She did eventually fill out a little, but she's still a petite little thing-- even at the age of 6. I realize now that she's just made that way.

I'm sure your DD is absolutely fine, and don't let anybody guilt-trip you into thinking otherwise. Your breast is always best. Your beautiful DD is a testament to that :thumbsup:

MyGlorylife 04-20-2009 02:38 PM

Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...
my current 2yr old was bigger at 8 months than he is at two. We hold off on solids for a while and never even do baby food. Out of 6 kids I have had 2 that have done this. and ironically they both did it at about a year of age. They just stop growing a little and thin out from being more active. The length eventually kicks in but the weight seems to stay low for a long time. Other things spell out HEALTH other than weight and height. I see the pic of your dd in your avatar- looks completely healthy. From what you have stated she is progressing completely healthy. Your Dr is just that a medically trained person who is a DR non this childs mama.
I have a friend whose 3yr old is slightly bigger than my "hollow boned" 2yr old. Her children tend to be tiny, especially her boys. I have another friend whose 1yr old is the size of a normal 10 month old- no big deal she is still developing just right.
Children grow at different rates, you have to look at their overall health in matters like these. Don't stress out- YOU ARE DOING A FANTASTIC JOB!!! Keep doing what you are doing- your daughter is not broken- she is fine:thumbsup:

mrsrlgs12 04-20-2009 06:02 PM

Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...
Thank you. That makes me feel better. My entire family kept saying all weekend that she would grow now with "real" food. Even my SILs who BF too. I worked really hard to make sure we were able to BF. My DH and I even finger fed her for the first 5 weeks of her little life so she could have Mama Milk and not get attatched to bottles, and to basically be told all weekend that I was hindering my child has been very hurtful.

Mom24Babes 04-20-2009 06:16 PM

Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...
Mama you did nothing did everything right! Tell those dummies who don't know anything to kiss your grits! :hugs:

jenkathryn 04-20-2009 06:22 PM

Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...
My now 2 yr old didn't gain weight from about 9m to 20m (went from very chubby to thin but not skinny) but is very healthy and smart so please don't worry although it is hard not too! We started solids at 9m but she wasn't very into them for forever. Now she eats so much that people ask where she is putting it. I agree that your milk is the still wonderful for her (DD is still nursing a little although I'm pregnant so probably isn't getting much).

negrapy 04-20-2009 06:27 PM

Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...
length measurements can easily be wrong too - its hard to get a good measurement on a wiggly baby :hugs:

moml 04-20-2009 06:32 PM

Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...
Was she weighed on the same scale at 9 months & 1 year? Scales can really, really vary. And a scale can totally go out of whack in 4 months ... who knows how many other kids pulled on it and dropped it on the floor? It's expensive to get a scale re-calibrated, so lots of docs won't bother.

Sarah0903 04-20-2009 06:53 PM

Re: She didn't grow at all. My fault...
It is not your fault!!! She is getting more active now (you said she is walking). MY DD was not breastfed and was on full table food by the time she was 12 months old and she only gained 2 pounds and 4 inches from the time she was 15 months old to the time she was 3 1/2!!! Some kids just dont grow ans some are really active and burn off everythig they consume.

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