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keegans_mommy 04-01-2008 01:41 PM

What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
I will try and remember what I have and there are several items STILL in transit! :giggle2: So I cannot list all of it but here it goes!

GMD-10 yellow edged PF's
GMD-10 green edged PF's
10 unbleached flats
10 fitteds
8 (or maybe 10!) covers
4 AIO's
1 AI2
12 pockets (10 are FB's)
2 prefitteds (mama made)

Then I have quite a few dipes coming in the mail and I forgot what they are but I know I have a couple Blueberry minkies coming! :drif: After that, it's a blur :roflmbo:

So, ya think I have enough? :giggle: NO! Seriously?

OneFabMama 04-01-2008 01:51 PM

Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
I think I have about 16 various fitteds (NB Cuddlebuns, Mutts, BBH, Peewells, BBL's, etc..)
A few interlock WCW covers
So far 8 preemie prefolds
A few XS thirstie AIOs
One lonely XS Thirstie cover - need some more of these.

I'm probably gonna get a dz. or so NB GMD PF's
3 more covers
And a hand ful more Thirstie AIOs

Shyla 04-01-2008 01:53 PM

Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
I think this is most of it :giggle2: I might be missing things but Im working on a lack of sleep and a pregnant brain :mrgreen:

diapers (fitteds, AIOs, prefolds):
19 nb nanipoos
6 nb VB AIOs
custom mutts when I get them not sure how many nb/ med I will be getting
6 custom fluffymail nb fitteds
18 infant indian prefolds
10 OBV infant prefolds
5 small rumpsters
6 small (size1) fluffymail AIOs
2 small (size1) fluffymail fitteds (more after I get my custom order)
I have more smalls but Im drawing a blank as to what they are :blush:

2 nb fleece
1 nb luxe :lostit:
3 xs thirsties
1 nb/sm cream/ cinnamon longies
1 nb/sm black longies
1 nb longies banafish with matching hat
1 nb longies 3IG with matching hat
2 small fleece covers
4 small shorties
2 small wool covers

4 snappis
2 sets of pins
10 OBV doublers
wipe wash
liners (need to make)
1 large wet bag
1 travel wet bag (for diaper bag)

I should add in that I am still shopping and with a lack of sleep I will end up with enough dipes for 3-10 nb babies :giggle2: Im so tired and shopping is so relaxing :lostit:

nina730 04-01-2008 04:32 PM

Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
hmm, i thought i had too much but maybe im ok. maybe too many covers, but thats the cutest part :)
i have-
12 premie prefolds
12 infant prefolds
6 kissaluv contours
4 kissaluv 0 fitteds
7 various other nb fitteds
2 kiwi pie wool covers
1 other small wool cover
4 bummi nb covers
2 bummi small covers
1 thirsties AIO
2 small fleece covers
5 baby softwrap covers
10 small pocket change pockets

FinnegansMom 04-01-2008 07:00 PM

Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
I don't even remember anymore.
Let's see - this is JUST the xs stuff. I have a lot more in smalls, since my son was 8# and grew FAST.

18 infant PF's (6 I'm dying and 6 I've embellished)
4 or 5 fleece soakers I made (some might be size small)
4 or 5 interlock soakers I made (some might be size small)
WCW soaker
4 knitted soakers (some might be size small)
1 knit sleep sack
3 xs BG AIOs
1 thirsties fitted
1 thirsties cover
3 VB AIOs I made
2 xs FBs
4 NB/small HC fitteds (3 peewell, 1 spoiled rotten)
20 KL0s
5 covers (all different brands to try)

I made a ton of doublers as well, and about 36 wipes.
I need to make (actually finish) some fitteds
I think that's it, I need to lay everything out and see if that's good and accurate or if I'm missing anything...
I've already started on smalls as well, and still have all my mediums from my son too.

Amberjoe_1 04-01-2008 08:07 PM

Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
Yikes I need to get with it here too!
I've only got 5 embellished infant pfs
2 WWB covers
4 small FBs (just bought tonight)
2 valor kids fitteds.
1 pair longies (rainbow):mrgreen:

um..that's it. :blush: I plan on getting a bunch more pfs and covers

Jessy&Noah 04-01-2008 09:07 PM

Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
12 XS Thirsties Pocket AIOs
6 XS Wonderworks AIOs

6 XS Happy Heinys Heiny Hugger fitteds
6 XS Thirsties Fab Fitteds
1 Newborn Mutt fitted
3 Newborn Nanipoo fitteds

4 XS Thirsties covers
1 Newborn wool wrap from HC
1 Newborn fleece pull-on from HC
1 XS Be-Bops Duo reversible wool soaker
1 Small Mile High Monkey fleece pull-on cover
1 Newborn crochet soaker with sealife embroidery

And then I have a dozen small DryBees pockets for the next phase.

After that, I'll have to kick my son out of his Petite Toddler FBs. :roflmbo:

amberlina 04-01-2008 09:56 PM

Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
I have about 20 prefolds, half of which are embellished, and I plan on many more (i still havent had my baby shower, and this is my most requested item :)) Some flats, but again, I will buy/get more. Since I have a TON of clothes already for her (thank you craigslist) we are asking for infant toys/teething toys and diapering supplies instead for the shower...

and then I have sewn about 8-10 regular covers and have about 8-10 wool ones. some are "infant" sized, others are a little bigger to accomadate her up to 20 pounds. I also have about 5 pairs of longies that I have sewn from recycled wool:) they have elastic in the waist and the legs are rollable.

keegans_mommy 04-02-2008 06:57 AM

Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
Sounds like we all have some great stashes! Mine is pretty plain for now but I am hoping to get something cuter as he gets older. I just wanted the cheapest thing for now.

dotcomkari 04-02-2008 07:06 AM

Re: What makes up your NB/S CDing stash?
9 newborn nanipoos
5 small nanipoos
2 newborn mutts
4 kissaluvs
1 small snap-ez
24 prefolds (tye dyed)
5 pre-fitteds
5 Fatty-cakes newborns
3 Muddpies fitteds
4 SOS diapers
1 Goodmama (Lavender)
2 3rs Mutts
1 2rs Mutt
3 Sugar Britches

4 Xs Thristies
6 White Proraps in Small
1 Frog Bummis Small
1 White Snap Bummis Small
1 Bumkins Newborn

1 Pair of Pink Neborn Longies
1 Pari of Teal newborn longies
1 Pair of yellow/teal small babylogly longies with matching hat

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