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Van1300 10-09-2012 08:50 PM

Re: Craziest "thrifty" meal you've ever made?
I make an 'inside out' mexican taco salad.

Refried beans microwaved with shredded cheese. Throw on top any of: chopped tomato, avocado, shredded lettuce, crumbled up tortilla chips (good way to get rid of the ends of the bag), sour cream, hot sauce, canned jalapenos, and/or black olives.

It is kinda like a 7 layer dip, but a big warm gooey mishmash.

Shaunam 10-13-2012 01:09 PM

Re: Craziest "thrifty" meal you've ever made?
Not really "crazy" but pitifully cheap and pretty unhealthy...

Today for lunch I made the last of a package of $1 hotdogs :yuck:, a package of ramen noodles, half a bag of slightly freezer-burnt green beans, and some apple-pear sauce on the side I had just canned today.

The apple-pear sauce is the only thing I would feed people if we'd had company over. :giggle:

We're not so broke we couldn't have headed to the store or gone out to eat if we wanted to, but we're trying to not spend so much and I figured I'd try to use what we had. :thumbsup:

Mamata3 10-15-2012 03:12 AM

Didn't feel to good last night and DH is deployed so I was going to make can soup for the kids but I only had 1 can left so I added beef broth, a can of kidney beans and a can of garbanzo beans and made it for 3 kids. They loved it lol

keonli 10-15-2012 06:33 AM

Re: Craziest "thrifty" meal you've ever made?

lizxvx 10-15-2012 08:38 AM

Re: Craziest "thrifty" meal you've ever made?

Originally Posted by keonli (Post 15813089)

I just googled that because I had no idea what it was. YUCK! :yuck:

BNC 10-16-2012 04:30 PM

Re: Craziest "thrifty" meal you've ever made?

Originally Posted by emilyrebekah (Post 15737573)
Well, do you want odd or pathetic? I can't say I have odd, but I have pathetic and once creative, off the cuff meal.

My most recent quick, thrifty meal was tomato basil soup and grilled cheese. My DH hates standard tomato soup, so I doctored it up with oregano, basil, pepper, garlic powder, onion, and a partial container of chunky tomato basil sauce. I tossed in some grated cheese we had left from a meal a couple of nights before. The tomato soup was given to me by my sister that volunteers for a food bank (they allow her to take food home) so that was free. I bake my own bread, so that made it even cheaper.

Now, for my most pathetic. One time we were super broke. I was down to bare bones pantry, basically just pasta and some random snack foods, with a few refrigerator staples. I made spaghetti with "garlic butter sauce"- basically melted the butter, added some spices, sprinkled on a little cheese. Not my finest moment, but it was better than nothing, right? ;)

Thats not pathetic...its deliscious! And a traditional italian meatless meal to boot...Pasta aglio y olio! Some use evoo instead of butter..i do half and half.

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