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moonphishers 09-18-2006 11:11 PM

Where do you buy...
the fabrics/materials for the diapers nad/or wipes you make? I am wanting to try my hand at a few things and wonder where to get the materials I keep reading these things are made of! I know where to get flannels but wonder about the other fabrics!


Bare Bottom Gear 09-18-2006 11:18 PM

Re: Where do you buy...
Are you making them for yourself or for biz realated stuff?

I get my stuff locally or via yahoo groups or online stores. ;) If it's biz related and you are going to become licensed you can buy wholesale from the makers themselves.

moonphishers 09-18-2006 11:55 PM

Re: Where do you buy...
it would just be for myself - (I can't take on such an undertaking as making these! I used to sew clothes and such and sell on ebay and that took me a year to learn how to do it well... I can't take that much time again to learn how to sell stuff good enough to sell).. anyhow.. thanks for the tip with yahoo - I'll check that out...when you say locally, do you mean a fabric store??

I am mostly considering trying covers as the ones I have tried to date don't fit DS well.. :sadno: so I really should find out what they're usually made of... duh!!:blush:
also wonder about wipes... what are the best fabrics for them????


janendragon 09-19-2006 12:45 AM

Re: Where do you buy...
the FSOT boards sell some PUL and other dipe making fabrics......

walmart and most craft/fabric stores like micheals and jo-ann have nice flannels

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 09-19-2006 01:01 AM

Re: Where do you buy...
i love sherpa on my wipes! velour is nice and soft too but i really love sherpa, back it on a flannel print and they are really cute!

tillers72 09-19-2006 08:18 AM

Re: Where do you buy...
my wipes are sherpa and cotton or flannel. I love how soft the sherpa is (that's normally the side I use on the bum) and it cleans up my ds' yucky poo nicely. You can also check out ebay...I got a really good deal on sherpa from there and you can get some PUL for good prices too. All of my diapers have at least some PUL in them...well the covers I mean, since I use pfs or fitteds and a cover. I have seen for the heavy-duty overnight ones that there can be 2 layers...good luck!!!

kittykorat 09-19-2006 08:24 AM

Re: Where do you buy...
I bought PUL from other mammas here, and
check out the craft hobby supplies thread.
You can buy suedecloth and microfleece at joanns
my wipes are flannel and stretch terry from joanns

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