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Arizonah13 01-04-2013 02:45 PM

Baby refusing the breast
I've been EBF my LO for 6 weeks now. I've noticed in the past week or so, she seems to get impatient for my milk to let down, then a minute or two after, she starts squirming, pulling and fussing. I would normally switch sides and she'd be okay.

The past 3 or so nights, it's gotten really bad. Last night was by far the worst we've experienced. She only tried nursing for about 10-15 seconds on each side before giving up and flipping out - to the point that she cried and cried, but just seemed to cry MORE when I tried to nurse her. This went on for almost 3 hours last night until she finally just fell asleep from exhaustion. (we even tried to give her formula in a bottle, but she refused - she also refuses any pacifiers we've tried since she was born) Luckily my middle-of-the-night boobs are usually very full so she got two hearty meals when she woke up at her usual times.

Her frustrations usually start showing in the late-ish afternoon and carry on (getting worse as the day progresses) until about 9pm until she finally goes to sleep. But even on her rough nights, she'd finally settle down and nurse to sleep. (except last night).

Now I'm starting to worry about how it's going to go tonight! I've hand expressed about 1.5 oz this morning (which is a lot for me since my boobs refuse to produce anything when I pump) so I can syringe feed her a little something if we have trouble again tonight, but man... is this a phase? I know we generally have less milk in the evenings, but is there anything I can do to bump up my supply a little in the evening? We almost always cluster feed in the evenings anyway and it sure doesn't seem to be making a difference.

Any advice? I'm worried! I hate having her cry like that and not being able to do anything about it.

Van1300 01-04-2013 02:59 PM

Re: Baby refusing the breast
I have a little guy who was born in Nov 2012 also (he's 8 weeks). I think you are is the phase of the 6 week growth spurt. Your baby may be so hungry and frustrated about waiting for your let down, she is just getting worked up and can't calm down. Try to nurse her before she gets 'hungry' to give her time to suck. If that doesn't work, pump for 2-3 minutes first and get your milk flowing, and then offer the breast. And if all else fails, try to feed her in her sleep (twilight nursing), she might be relaxed enough then.

Hopefully she will grow out of it. But it is common to have mini nursing strikes during growth spurts.

abunchoflemons 01-04-2013 03:19 PM

Re: Baby refusing the breast
Electric Pump. Heat any of the herbs like thistle, mothers milk tea or plus or fenugreek.

l_Kimmie_l 01-04-2013 03:37 PM

Re: Baby refusing the breast
The witching hour where they cry for hours for no reason. Two of my babies did this at that age at the same time of night. It is part of a growth spurt. I had to walk mine to get them to calm at all and even then their was still crying. Hang in there, it will stop. No bottles during this time. You do not want the baby to get used to the instant gratification.

Arizonah13 01-04-2013 03:58 PM

Thanks ladies. I'm relieved to know it's a fairly common phase. I'll keep working through it and hope it passes soon. I'll check out that tea and herbs too.

And no worries about the bottles... This kid has absolutely refused anything that isn't mama (except when she refused me too!) I guess it's a good thing I'm a SAHM without any situations that would take me away from home for more than an hour or two.

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beginswithb 01-04-2013 04:32 PM

Re: Baby refusing the breast
My DS did the exact same thing at the exact same age. When he goes through things like that, it's usually a wonder week or growth spurt. It passes, I promise!

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