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Samantha 04-04-2007 10:17 PM

An apology
I know some of you have noticed posts disappearing, and some have heard some rumors flying around regarding DS and the mods here. The first thing that needs to be said is that it is between the member who was affected and the mods who posted to the thread. It is not an entire board issue which is why threads are being removed.

Yes the mods have a forum to discuss sensitive issues brought to our attention (reported posts, issues between members, transaction issues, etc). This is not an uncommon thing. All boards have a private area like this. Some boards choose to make it public, but for larger boards its not always a good idea because not everyone is "buddy buddy". One person might get offended if they saw so and so reported their post, it is not everyone's business if X finds X's siggy offensive.

From time to time the mods do go beyond board business and use it as a personal chat and express how they personally feel. Some things were said in joking manner, things that probably shouldn't have been said at all, but it was purely venting frustration and was in no way meant to be threatening. From this point on, the mod forum will be used strictly for board business. The message that is being sent around insinuates that we are talking about everyone behind their backs. That is not the case. This was an isolated event directed towards mainly one person and a there was one other name mentioned.

The moderators involved have been reprimanded and appropriate steps have been taken so this never happens again.

I am sincerely sorry for those couple people who were hurt.

The moderators PM boxes are open for anyone who feels they need to discuss this more in depth.

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