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CarrieAnn0413 04-08-2008 09:48 AM

healthy eaters and those with GD, I need food help please
I just moved and had a week filled with junk food and boy did the scale throw it in my face this morning :banghead: I need to be careful with my diet because I had GD with my dd. So I am making a grocery list and need some ideas for what to eat. My appetite is coming back on most days and as long as I eat small meals/snacks every 2 hours or so I feel pretty good. But all I seem to crave is carbs which is bad for GD of course. I can do fruit and plan to get a bunch but not sure what else to put on my list. I can not eat chicken or tomato sauce with this pg, it makes me sick. So nothing with either of those. I do pretty good with lunch, either a pb sandwich or tuna with an apple and a few chips ( i know the chips are bad) But I think I am more stuck on snack ideas and dinner. We have been going out to dinner a lot, not usually fast food but like family restaurant places. I try to pick a healthy choice and we started cooking out on the grill lately so i get some protein. Well sorry for rambling on about my eating habits :giggle: I am just looking for some new ideas for my grocery list. TIA

mollypeters 04-08-2008 10:47 AM

Re: healthy eaters and those with GD, I need food help please
I like I went w/ this because we were in such a rut with supper, that i had my grocery list memorized. I like the variety, and my kids even like most of the meals. They have a free trial that u can use to see if u like it, and so many menu options. We use the low carb one. It's very cheap to subscribe to, and u get tons of useful info.
This is what i do:
Print off the grocery list and menus
Highlight the grocery items i don't already have. The list is huge, but if u look closely, u probably aalready have a lot of the stuff. Highlight what u don't have, so it makes it easy to pick at the store.

it's so easy, and the menus don't require anything special as far as equipment/ingredients, but they seem so gourmet! We still have our family favorites too ( which is only about 5 things), but this has really helped add some variety and balance to our diets. Hope this was helpful, and good luck!

CarrieAnn0413 04-08-2008 12:58 PM

Re: healthy eaters and those with GD, I need food help please
Sounds cool! thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

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