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beckstar 01-26-2013 06:58 PM

TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.
This group is designed for those of us over 30 yrs of age. We have a different TTC journey than our younger counterparts & many of us encounter challenges along the way to our coveted BFP. We invite all to join us as we offer advice, support & encouragement to each other through these challenges, as well as celebrating those joyful BFPs.
While this thread is not necessarily labeled as a "struggling TTC" thread, we do ask that if you choose to join us that you remain mindful of the challenges that many of our members are experiencing when posting about BFPs. We are excited to celebrate everyone's BFP, though it can often be a sensitive issue for those for whom it has not been so easy. :goodvibes:
We :wub: hearing from our graduates & hope you are having a HH9M!!! But we ask that you please take the time to catch up on posts, taking note of current losses before posting your pregnancy updates. If any of our sweet mommas are experiencing a loss in the current thread, please consider posting your updates at a different time. :goodvibes:

Question of the week:
what do you and your SO do for valentine's day? is it a couples night or a family affair?

Anyone can answer the question! And if you have suggestions for the QOTW send me a PM. :)

In RED, tell me:
Your handle (and your name and/or age if you'd like)
and a link to your chart if you'd like to join in on the stalking

:waiting: MEMBERS :waiting:
TonyKariTony (Karina) age 33
katiecornflakes (Kate) age 31
tedcgh (Tiffany) age 30
JCPACandMommy (Carissa) age 31
JuniperVT (Kaitlyn) age 32
carriek38 (Carrie) age 34
puppydog age 31
MyGloryLife (Minda) age 33
sweetgrace (Tawny) age 35
Augusthope (Rachel) age 31
Craftin'Diva (Jeri) age 31
sydjackmom (Laura)
Rachelrhin0 (30)
HeatherMac603 (Heather) age 30
fishingfor5 (Tori) age 41
beckstar (Becky) age 37

:cheer: CHEERLEADERS :cheer:
kricket24 (Kristen) age 30
Kap7270 (Kristin) age 35
newmommy13 (Ingrid) age 31
Mirnavela (Monika) age 30
Layney82 age 30
Bee21 age 30
tandiwe76 age 35

:preggo: GRADUATES :preggo:
Christylkeller (Christy) age 36 EDD 3/15/13
hcokasil (Lisa) age 32 EDD 3/15/13
amb2j (April) age 30 EDD 3/10/13
amcess721 (Andrea) age 31 EDD 3/25/13
rverrone (Rina) age 33 EDD 4/5/13
Sylvie89 (Kaycie) age 37 EDD 5/1/13
adensmom (Latisa) age 36 EDD 5/27/13
Elsie Cayare (Lindsey) age 30 EDD 6/2/13
babygirls2 (Kim) age 31 EDD 6/4/13
txmommytobe age34 EDD 6/6/13
helen/willownz Age 33 EDD: June 11 2013- Baby boy called Benjamin born 17 Jan 2013 at 19 weeks 2 days EDD 6/12/13
812ajack (Alicia) age 35 EDD 6/12/13
Leaner age 34 EDD 6/24/13
SpartyGuard (Sarah) age 32 EDD 6/25/13
love4leon (Rebecca) age 37
mvp529 (Misty) age 35 EDD 8/3/13
leviandgarettsmom (Deanna) age 40 EDD 7/21/13
EDD 8/14/13[/COLOR]
Maddalena (April) age 37
cormama (Corinne) age 35 EDD 10/2/2013
ankc age 35

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Puppydog 01-26-2013 11:03 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.
I'm on CD3 this morning. Come on Feb cycle!

I've started Ecotrin, Salmon oil and Vitamin B complex along with prenatals. This cycle has to work.

DH is going in for a semen analysis on Tuesday next week so its just over a week wait to find out if the boys are functioning as well as they should. If I don't get a BFP this cycle I have a gynea appointment on 7 March and I will ask him.

He is not a wait and it will happen kind of Dr. He is a here, I will inject you with this and MAKE it happen kind of Dr. I love him. LOL

pumpkinseeds 01-26-2013 11:21 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.

Question of the week: where is your favorite place to have date night?
We often relive the first date and go for sushi :) Luckily, we get several date nights through out the month, and we try and mix it up. :goodvibes:

Waiting until Tuesday to test again. :blush: Im very hopeful, but we'll see!

katiecornflakes 01-27-2013 09:30 AM

Re: TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.
Hi ladies!

Puppydog - Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Glad you know your doc will be ready to help if you're not pg by then! Hope you will be, though. :goodvibes:

Pumpkinseeds - FX for you! Where are you in your cycle now? Hoping for you!!

8 DPO here. Not many symptoms to speak of. Trying not to count myself out too early but I'm not sure it's going to happen. It did take a couple of cycles on the progesterone to get a BFP last time so perhaps that's what I'll need. I would so love an October baby, though. If I got a BFP this cycle my DD would be 10/12/13. My bday is on the 12th and I love that number! Sigh. Still possible. Trying to wait to test until Sat since AF is due Friday and I hate testing just to get AF a few hours later. It sucks. We'll see if I can hold out testing this week. I guess it'll help if I don't have symptoms to get me excited.

QOTW: We don't get out too much but there is a sushi place nearby we love. Also a really tasty, cheap vegetarian Indian buffet. But usually when we go to that it's with DD before we pick DS up from preschool so I guess that's not exactly a date night! But we just can't go out and pay for dinner and a sitter that often so we make it work. Plus DD loves Indian food! Love that crazy toddler girl. :)

craigwick 01-27-2013 11:56 AM

Re: TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.
Hi ladies, I'm still checking in to cheer you all on! Babydust all around and lots of :hugs:

QOTW : there aren't much choices in our hometown for date night and we only get one a few times a year! DH likes to stick with what he knows, so normal type restaurants. And then we spend the whole time talking about the kids, texting his parents how the kids are...yup, so silly!

katiecornflakes 01-27-2013 12:28 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.
Oh and Becky, here's the link to my chart! Thx!

ankc 01-27-2013 03:15 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.
Looks like you put me in the graduates but I am not :(
wish i was tho!

CD 15 for me not a whole lot going on... I ended up canceling 2 appointments with current obgyn and made an appt with a new practice they deal with high risk and so we will see...maybe they can help me "stay" pregnant

QOTW: I like concert date nights!!! Love me some live music!!!

tedcgh 01-27-2013 03:29 PM

Well my tests have been BFNs since Thursday. BFN at MW appointment on Friday. I decided against blood test because I figured it was a CP and it was going to be over soon. Well here I am a few days late. Anyone ever get a few days of BFP followed by negatives and AF not show? Today I feel like I have morning sickness. I wish I knew one way or the other.

We love to try different local places to eat. We have a lot of neat places fairly close.

beckstar 01-27-2013 04:37 PM

Re: TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.
katie, i would be due october 16...eek. i hope we make it to october ddc together!

as for our date night, i love anything that involves yummy food, delicious wine, exciting conversation and dancing all night...oh and sleeping in. i especially love renting hotel rooms locally and having a romantic stay-cation. :) grown up nights at disneyland are super fun too.

tedcgh 01-27-2013 08:14 PM

My POAS saga continues. Here is one from tonight.

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