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loulou belle 07-05-2006 12:54 PM

long cycle, clomid question LONG **Update**
I have a few questions. I have extremely long cycles, but also very irregular. Like anywhere from 28 - 50 days. My last pd was June 2. I do not think I will start for another week and a half to two weeks. I have endo, and have been ttc for almost three years. I do O, because I POAS, but that is also irregular. I have been to the OB regarding this, and through the process have had laproscopic surgery (for the endo), a very bad PAp, surgery to fix, as well as the dye test.

If I am not pg this month the dr. is talking about fertility drugs. Possibly clomid, but I was told on the phone by the nurse that "they have some new things they may want to try." Anyone have any idea what this could be?

Please no flaming. :hide: I know the side effects. I have been offered may "treatments" in the past for the endo: Lupron, BCP, and have rejected all of that. I cannot handle the side effects from even the pill. I am kinda scared about taking fertility drugs. I have one beautiful child that I am completely in love with. Maybe I was only meant to have one child? Is that my master plan? Who am I to be messing with that plan? But, I want another child. My husband wants another child. I want my child to have a sibling. Is that selfish?

We have been trying for so long that I am ready to give up. I am tired of trying every month, that perhaps, maybe, please, let this be the month. It never is. :cry: I am trying to remain hopeful, but it is wearing me out. We have taken some breaks recently.

I like to be in control of this situation, and am completely out of control. I
do not want to be a test person of a new drug. I want to know what is going on with my body.

Does anyone have any ideas? Sorry I had to vent.


I went to the dr. this morning. She wrote me an RX for Clomid. I start taking it in two days. Hopefully, the side effects will not be too bad. We'll see what happens a month from now. Thanks for the help.

GrowingUpMad 07-05-2006 01:06 PM

Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG
I do not know of anything new as I have not had to researchin several months. I also had a very hard time becoming pregnant due to (different) female issues. I had long and irregular cycles as well so I started charting to attempt to figure something out. I was due to start clomid in February as it would be a solid year of charting and TTC (before that it was just TTC). I found out in January (very end) that I was pregnant. Obviously the charting didn't teach me as I still can't figure out when I got pg. My last period was 10-31 yet I ddit' get pregnant until around early Dec. :headscratch:

i think if you have been going to the doctor, listening to your boidy and TTC for this long that Clomid may just be a good thing to try. Not everyone has the same views though. It's not selfish to want another child or a sibling for your dc, my stubborn self is pregnant with #3 already wanting #4. If it's in your plan to only have 1 child then you will get a sign. As for testing out something new, that would scare me to much. the side affects could out weight the pros. I say go online and start the researching if you haven't already. I have 3 ex co workers that had babies after taking Clomid.

quarli 07-06-2006 01:08 AM

Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG
My twins are Clomid babies. I used Clomid for egg issues, to give me a stronger O. I have a somewhat easy time concieving, if and when I ovulate, but I have severe PCOS, numerous cysts and various other "female" issues.

Clomid for me was the only option....there was no way we could afford anything mroe expensive. I researched it for several months before talking to my OB about it, and another month before actually getting it from Mexico(was cheaper there for a 6 month supply then here for a 1 month supply).

Clomid is one of the simple, and easy ways to go, IMO. I dont think it would hurt at this point to give it a try.

Kimmomy2dom 07-06-2006 08:58 AM

Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG
I didn't take clomid - but I was one month away from taking it if I didn't get pregnant. I can't IMAGINE what would have happened had I taken it, LOL. In any case, it's hard to say what other things they have in mind since it depends on your situation and your doctor. If you feel strongly about trying one thing, but definitely not another then make sure you tell them that. From what I heard from my doc Clomid isn't an uncommon thing to take - and it might be worth a try. I guess you never know what your body will do until you try something - so if you have a really rough time of it you can always change your mind. I agree you are't selfish at all - we all have those urges to make more babies and they're perfectly natural!
Try to keep positive - and wait and hear out what they have to say. But also make sure you speak your mind about it if you feel strongly. :hugs: I hope everything works out well for you!

SandyG 07-06-2006 07:44 PM

Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG
i took 5 cycles of clomid and lemme tell you my CM was dried up completely. it wacked up my body. the IUIs didnt help. you can try it though and see if it works for you, it didnt for me. i got lucky i guess the month i got my saline sonogram (what is that called??? to start ivf) I got pg. so david is my miracle baby. if you want to go to a forum for only ttc gimme a PM and i will send it to you. i was there for 3yrs and loved it. so much support and i babbled there too like crazy. i left due to my different parenting styles. LOL i was the only nut that cded, ebf and coslept LOL so i left. i did 6months of herbal stuff so i dunno if that helped too with ttc david . dunno
ok im done , if you need me PM me and i stop yapping here LOL

nikolaki 07-08-2006 12:57 PM

Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG
I have really long irregular cycles - I have PCOS. When I was ttc #2 I wasn't O'ing at all. I did 2 cycles of clomid 50mg and got pg on the second cycle. The worst side effects from clomid for me was very uncomfortable bloating/cramping. I am not sure what "New" things the nurse was referring to. I was just had a Dr's Appt this past week and he didn't mention anything.?? Good Luck.

amymom2molly 07-09-2006 02:05 PM

Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG
im not sure about any other fertility drugs..but i was on clomid for a while cuz my cycles were really wacked out.once i started the clomid my cycles were perfect and i was ovulating at the right time. they said i had lutal phase defect, i personally hated the clomid because of all the side effects so i went on birth control (the nuvaring) for only one month.that was in november.after that i stoped and my cycles have been perfect sence.weve been ttc #2 for almost 2 years now..i dont think your being selfish.its ya gotta do what ya gotta do.keep your chin up and options open.:hugs: good luck!

loulou belle 07-11-2006 04:52 PM

Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG
:bumpsign: Bump for update.

Kimmomy2dom 07-11-2006 07:45 PM

Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG
:hugs: hope everything goes well for you and you feel NO side effects!

BlueSuzyQ 07-13-2006 07:30 AM

Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG **Update**
Hi. I'm new to the group wanted to share. I am 25 pg weeks with my clomid baby boy. After 12 cys ttc, a life of long cycles w/severe cramps & heavy bleeding, plus an early m/c & a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes both in my 9th cy ttc, my first round of clomid + my first IUI were my miracles.

As soon as the diabetes was controlled & I got the go-ahead from my docs, I took 50mg of clomid, cds 6-10 (smallest dose & later than most take clomid). From cd 6-19 (the day of IUI), I used evening primrose oil capsules & expectorant cough syrup to help with cm, which was never a known problem before clomid. But I had my best, most plentiful cm that cy! During the IUI, the nurse practioner even commented three times about my "beautiful cervical mucus!"

I will keep you in my thoughts, and hope your miracle comes soon. And I am ALWAYS willing to talk about my experiences & what I learned along the way... let me know anytime you want to talk!


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