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MamaNolley 03-29-2018 07:29 AM

TTC March/April 2018
Hey Chicks!

So I see there are just a few of us still poking around on here so I thought I'd start up a new threat to hopefully get us all connected.

I was on here a ton in 2014 when I just started CDing my #2 and was trying for #3. I've jumped on here a few times in the last year as I had hopes of starting towards #4, but life has taken us in other directions. We had a lay off, three (cross country) moves and the start of a new job just in the last 6 months alone.

But I hope we are staying put and I want my #4! (Ive always wanted 4 kids)

I am 9DPO and had a negative internet cheapie this morning.

where are you at? whats happening in your world?

MamaNolley 03-29-2018 08:01 AM

Re: TTC March/April 2018
meanwhile I've been having ALL the symptoms ha!
weird uterine twinges, craving so much sugar, basically going insane... Ack!

MamaNolley 04-03-2018 03:15 PM

Re: TTC March/April 2018
what?! no other posts on here? Man, never mind. maybe all go check out BabyCenter boards or something. this is really lame.

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