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reybar-2009 12-27-2012 02:34 PM

can you share your envelope system!
I really want to start a budget this year using the envelope system but I don't know how to start. Can you share how is yours set up. how much money your have on each category? what is including in each category (EX: is toilet paper or shampoo including in the grocery budget). What about clothes or presents for baby showers, weddings, birthdates, etc? TIA

EmmaGM 12-27-2012 02:48 PM

Our envelope system is fairly small compared to most people but here are ours:

School fund: $15/mo to pay for homeschool curriculum, educational toys or activities. DS is only 6 mos. We'll increase this to about $80 when he's older.

Clothes: $30/mo for all of us, including dh work clothes.

Gifts: $25/mo for all of us, including Christmas. We ramp this up and lower other envelopes closer to Christmas if we need to.

Auto maintenance: $20/mo to cover oil changes and the like for both cars and the sticker for DH's car, my mom pays for my cars tag.

Date night: $40/mo max. This one I just keep at 40 unless we're saving up to do something special. If we don't go out one month, nothing goes in next month. If we only spend $20 this month, I only put $20 back next month.

Envelopes we could have but don't:
Takeout $30/mo
Groceries: $300/mo
Gas: $75/mo both of us
Toiletries: $40/mo (this category is actually just called HEB in my spreadsheet because it includes everything from toothpaste to paper towel to if we buy new rugs for the bathroom. Basically any non-food purchase).

Ms.Doula 12-27-2012 03:07 PM

Re: can you share your envelope system!
Dave Ramsey baby!!

debmom2boyz 12-27-2012 03:08 PM

Re: can you share your envelope system!
DH and I were talking about this so I'll be following this thread.

We rarely (especially me) carry cash with us. I don't because I don't use the ATM or get money out the store. I don't know my pin number and our bank is in FL. I really should get that figured out.

I get paid once a month so most of the bills are paid by the 1st. DH gets paid weekly for his part-time job and will get paid every two weeks when he starts substitute teaching in January.

jbug_4 12-27-2012 05:35 PM

Re: can you share your envelope system!
Here goes- this is a month. DH gets paid twice a month and I withdraw day after pay day for the whole month of the categories- does that make sense? basically groceries are 580 a month so I pull that out all at one time. House maint is 160 so that comes out all at once.

Grocery 580 a month we just raised it because we started doing a lot of juicing- pretty expensive. Include dog food, toiletries, cleaning stuff, etc. Everything that can be bought at the grocery store is in the category

House remodel 260- dh is putting in a master bath and renovating our kitchen this year

House maint 160- anything that comes up. replacement filters, minor repairs, etc. This is actually probably going down this year, dh had to reseal our 1/4 mile driveway last year so this was based on that.

Garden $240 total - plus what is already in the envelope for this. This will have to come out of the first 2 months withdraws so we can get the garden started. This is for seeds, fencing, manure and any perennial flowers we might want.

Car gas $550- 150 me and 400 dh. For this one I actually prepay dh's credit card. He gets a lot of gas reimbursed from work so it all goes on his credit card then get paid off every month. Mine goes into checking account only used for gas so i can use my debit card to pay at the pump

car maint $90

eating out 50

clothing 80- 40 for me and 2 kids and 40 for dh (he dresses business for work)

Gifts- 130. This is based on how many people we buy for and set amounts for each person for specific gift reasons. Money can roll over to the next gift giving occasion if its not all spent for the assigned occasion. Like we have $50 for b-day for each person. if we only spend 30 then the 20 can go towards that person's Christmas present. I believe we have $150 for misc gifts through the year- baby showers, wedding, and get well or sympathy flowers.

Pets- 70 this is for vet and heartworm prevention

fun money- 100. 50 for dh and 50 for me and the kids

Household fund- 10. This one is new. I have been taking this kind of stuff out of my grocery budget and then end up blowing my grocery budget. this is for whatever- small appliances, can openers, measuring spoons, new pillows, sheets, whatever house wise we need. Whatever is left at the end of the year is going to new towels.

those are what we do in cash. Everything else is automatically debited or can't be paid in cash. So mortgage, car insurance, 1 car payment, tuition, electric, house gas (in its own account. We prepay for the year to lock in the rate so we put next years prepay amount into a separate savings account) and we have money going into savings.

cassmartinez 12-27-2012 07:42 PM

I use you need a budget digital envelope system. Have the app too so I can enter items right at the store.

Sent from my iPhone using DS Forum sorry for any 'autocorrect' goofs

jacandy 12-27-2012 07:55 PM

Following! I'd love to start this!

emilim 12-27-2012 10:52 PM

Re: can you share your envelope system!
I fill our envelopes at each paycheck, every two weeks, so the numbers below are for HALF of what our monthly budget is:

charitable giving (part to church, part to others) $75
grocery $140
gas (just my car) $80
oil $45
car related expenses (oil changes, maintenance, registration, emissions, etc.) $26
clothing $30
gifts $20
activities (MOPS dues, programs I do with the girls, etc.) $25
restaurants $38
household needs (not shampoo, tp, etc. but random needs that pop up) $12
haircuts (a haircut only costs me $8 and I cut all hair but my own ;)) $2
family entertainment $10
dog expenses (special food, vet bills) $15
medical expenses (our insurance plan is a little different) $50

I think that's it!

Our bills get paid online (besides oil, I either pay in cash on delivery or go by the office) and we transfer a certain amount to our savings account at each paycheck as well (also online). Things like car insurance (which we pay bi-annually to save money) are budgeted for but stay in the account until they're needed, so we can just debit it all at once at the appropriate time. I get some "blow money" by budgeting $200 for our electric bill - it only goes that high at the peak of summer, so the rest of the year I use whatever the difference is between 200 and the real bill as my spending money. It's a nice incentive to keep that bill as low as possible too. :giggle:

debmom2boyz 12-28-2012 07:31 AM

Re: can you share your envelope system!
We pay just about everything online, but the groceries and gas would be good to track that.

I couldn't tell you how much we actually spend--dh works at a grocery store and he'll buy milk and whatever else we need--and sometimes more. If we had cash, that would help in that situation.

AcrossTheUniverse 12-28-2012 10:04 AM

Re: can you share your envelope system!
I pay most bills online but have cash envelopes for certain things. It goes something like this:

Bills paid online:
Car Payment
Car Insurance
Cell Phone
Student Loans

Bills paid through cash envelopes:
Gas for DH
Gas for me
Household (TP, shampoo, etc...)
Medical (Co-pays, prescriptions, etc...)
Car Maintenance

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