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boos_mom 11-09-2012 02:16 PM

modified momma creations - nikki saul
i usually avoid leaving negative feedback, but this WAHM needs to stop.

Name of WAHM: Nikki Saul
Name of business: Modifed Momma Creations

Approximate date of purchase: July 2012

Where did you purchase the item(s) from: baby ave co-op

What did you buy: set of 20 8x8 cloth wipes

How was the customer service: very poor

Review of the product: average quality

Any additional comments: turnaround time listed by Nikki for the co-op order was 5-6 weeks. actual turnaround was 8-12 weeks and one order was never received. regarding my personal order, the wipes did not have a size listed on the order form. i asked Nikki what the size of the wipes were and she responded 8x8. the wipes i received were 6x6. after multiple unanswered messages to Nikki, i did receive a response via facebook that she had made a mistake...they should have been listed as 6x6. i was offered a $5 in-store coupon which i politely declined and asked for a partial refund. no response was received. i posted on the Modified Momma Creations facebook page ( requesting an update and Nikki stated she had processed the refund and would check the status. she then removed my post. no refund was received. Nikki has not responded to an additional post left by me on her page requesting an update and has not responded to my messages. The baby ave co-op admin posted on the Modified Momma Creations facebook asking for an update on her order which she has not received, and the post was removed by Nikki. the admin has not received her order or a refund.
As i write this review, there is another co-op posting on Modified Momma Creations facebook page requesting a response from Nikki regarding their co-op order. No response has been given.

Would you do business with them again? No.

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