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UnderTheStars 04-28-2013 10:47 PM

Does anyone else have a Jekyl and Hyde?
My DD is 5yo and has been in preschool since August. She does AMAZING there, I always get nothing but compliments about how well-behaved she is and what a good listener. She is very shy and quiet with the other kids but always loves to help the teachers, is super smart and always has her hand in the air to answer questions, and follows every direction she is given as if her life depended on it. Great, right?

Yeah, that is *so* not the same kid when we get home. Here, she sobs if she can't get something done on the first try. If I ask her to do something, like get dressed or put her plate in the sink, half the time she will whine and cry OR she will be exasperated and do it while saying "THERE I DID IT, STOP TALKING TO ME!" She throws fits if she doesn't get her way RIGHTTHISMINUTE, ex, if I'm washing my hands and she wants to give me a drawing she has done, I say "Just a minute, I don't want to get your beautiful picture all wet!" she will groan and tell me "FINE then I'll just throw it in the garbage!". Actually, she says that a lot - like if she is trying to cut out a shape out of paper (the same shape she has cut out 192 times at school with no problem), she will ask me to do it for her. Instead, I try to give her suggestions on how to do it and she will cry and tell me she wants to throw the "stupid scissors" in the garbage too. I just don't get it? :headscratch: She is literally not at all the same kid, that mile between us in the school is like some kind of crazy alternate dimension. What am I doing wrong that the teachers are doing so right? :(

katengrace 04-29-2013 06:40 AM

Re: Does anyone else have a Jekyl and Hyde?
Oh boy, this is so me with dd3. At school she is perfect...her teachers tell me all the time. At home she is HORRIBLE. No one believes me when I tell them the things she does. She loves school and loves to please her teachers. At home I make her do things like pick up her toys, take a bath, brush her teeth, get in her car seat and go to bed...oh the horror! I figure school is fun for her and home isn't always, so she gives me grief. I'm gad she is so good at school, but mama needs a break sometimes.
Something I just recently started doing is video taping her when she gets in one if her fit throwing moods. I told her I will show her teachers, and I will. She also happens to be our next door neighbor. I have no problem showing her, and since dd doesn't want to disappoint her teacher the fit usually stops or she runs and hides. Which is good enough for me for now. I sure hope she outgrows this soon because it is exhausting.

myclanof6 04-29-2013 07:03 AM

My 8y old was that way in K and first. He was a perfect angel and teachers pet. Everything you said your dd is in school. He's still perfect in school now.
At home he STILL threw tantrums knowing I didn't tolerate them and I was big on discipline until maybe a year or so ago. He back talked, threw things sometimes (instant time out!), he's a screamer/whiner and still is. I am very firm on discipline and don't let them get a "pass" because I know if I do then they think they have a right to do what they want when they want.
He is also the reason we waited to have dd until he was almost 6. :/ I love him with all my heart but oh boy he was a difficult child!! I'm glad we are past it for the most part. :)
It does get better mama!

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