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BubBubsMom 10-04-2012 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by Mom2Connor
You guys must live in some backwards places! Around here, 1st birthdays are HUGE as well as 1st Christmas, etc. We had family from both sides, friends, some long time family friends at DS's 1st birthday. i don't know what to suggest as far as other stuff though. We just had adults and one other baby at our party, so they played with the toys and gifts once they were opened. We just grilled out and had cake/ice cream. It was just a big fun social thing.

I actually toned it down quite a bit for the second one.

My husband is like " he isnt going to remember anything. And I told him " yeah but he is only going To have one first birthday".

Mom2Connor 10-04-2012 02:39 PM

Exactly. Just because they won't remember it doesn't mean you won't! I have great memories of DS's first birthday. It's a celebration for everyone for that first year, not just the LO. :)

sisu 10-04-2012 02:40 PM

Re: 1st bday ideas

Originally Posted by TaReeses (Post 15769944)
My husband is like " he isnt going to remember anything. And I told him " yeah but he is only going To have one first birthday".

DS's first birthday was a bash, we had at least 50 people show up. First birthdays are for the parents, not the kids, and I wanted to CELEBRATE, darn it. Keeping a child alive and well for an entire year is an accomplishment. ;)

Brooke789 10-04-2012 07:02 PM

Re: 1st bday ideas
We don't do parties -- we did the 'special day out' thing. Although for their (twins) first birthday we did a weekend camping trip. For their second birthday we did the Children's Museum. I think we're gong to do Chuck E Cheese (or the like) for their 3rd birthday!

Mama*Kim 10-04-2012 09:17 PM

My boys are half Korean, so the first birthday is a BIG deal. DS1's party was in a rented out restaurant (hosted by SIL as it was her daughter's doljanchi too). DS2's was at home, but it was 40ish people in our 1200 sq ft house. Then again, we love throwing parties, so neither was much of a stretch.

That said, I don't generally do a lot for entertainment at parties. I find that most people, kids included, are plenty content to hang out and make small talk. With some music in the background and the occasional interjection of required party activities (gifts, cake, etc), the party flows just fine. I will say though, our friends are all very outgoing and happy to chit chat.

dianne 10-05-2012 04:45 AM

Re: 1st bday ideas
For me, a childs first birthday is more about you as parents celebrating the first anniversary of your childs birth - celebrating making it through your first year as parents! Rather than about the child celebrating his/her birthday. At this age it's easy to keep kids entertained whilst keeping things simple - songs, bubbles, crayons and cake is all you need. Just make sure wherever you have it is baby proof, so ideally your home or garden. Alternatively, if you do decide you want something on a larger scale.. go here for some more ideas

nursemama23 10-05-2012 05:35 AM

We make a big deal about first birthdays but its more my celebration of the anniversary of their birth and I love throwing parties. Just family and close friends. For dd1 we did a huge BBQ as her birthday is in September. DD2's birthday is in January and she loved Elmo so we did a big Elmo party but it definitely wasn't as big as dd1's. DD3's birthday was this past June, we did an Alice in Wonderland tea party. Birthdays are always a big deal at our house!

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