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proudsahmof4 11-21-2011 03:55 PM

Snap Conversion and Elastic Repair at The Diaper Doc! Lower Prices!
$1 sale has ended - having site issues with the title not changing. Still great prices though!!

Welcome to The Diaper Doc, specializing in snap conversion and elastic repair.


I'm so happy you found my WAHM store! I do snap conversions on aplix diapers as well as elastic repair. Information is available on this and subsequent posts, so be sure to scroll all the way down!

How Snap Conversion Works

Snaps are placed on the diapers from the inside. If you look inside a pocket diaper and see what the snaps look like for the one-size settings, that is exactly what it will look like on the inside with the snap conversion. Diapers that do not have an additional layer of PUL on the inside will need to be reinforced with a thin layer of fleece at your request to prevent snaps from tearing through the fabric for an additional fee (this fleece is not noticeable unless the diaper is turned inside out and does not affect performance). The main cost associated with snap conversion is labor; it is incredibly time-consuming. Lucky for you I have lots of time. :goodvibes: Here are some pics of what the converted diapers look like, with the "economy" snap conversion. All pictures are of my own personal work.

Snap Options and Pricing

*Pricing Options are for BumGenius pocket diapers only, there may be additional costs for other brands.

Option #1 Economy Conversion
My base rate for labor is $3.35 per diaper (this is the conversion most minimal in cost, but gets the basic job done). Includes aplix removal and standard conversion of 2 rows of 10 snaps/2 tab snaps of your color preference.

Option #2 Perfect Conversion
$3.65 per diaper (increased stability with an extra snap for wing droop and security, but still plenty of stretch). Includes aplix removal and 2 rows of 10 snaps/3 tab snaps of your color preference.

Option #3 Maximum Conversion
$3.95 per diaper (for ultimate snapping security and wing droop). Includes aplix removal and 2 rows of 10 snaps/4 tab snaps of your color preference. An added benefit to this option is the choice to snap all or some of the tab snaps to get a really good fit for your child.

*Fleece reinforcement for diapers without an extra layer of interior PUL is available at a rate of $.50 cents per square of fleece (typically not necessary with BumGenius pockets or other one-size pockets unless they have been altered).

*Laundry tab removal is available for an additional $1 per diaper.

*Please note I do not currently have the equipment for repairing diapers with serging on the outer edge.


$3.00 per diaper with one row as shown, can accomodate individual preference of snap number and spacing. Hidden snaps available for an additional $1.00 per diaper.


$3.85 per diaper with two rows of hidden snaps and two tab snaps, can accomodate individual preference of snap number and spacing.


All snaps other than the matching/contrasting BumGenius and white colors are considered customs. These are an additional $1.00 per diaper for up to 2 colors, additional colors beyond 2 are $1.00 each.

Here are some pics of customs I have done.

proudsahmof4 11-21-2011 03:56 PM

Snap Repair and Pricing

I replace broken, cracked, unsightly, or sticky snaps.

There is a base rate of $1.00 per diaper, along with these additional fees:
• Placement of 1 new snap in existing opening: $.20 cents.
• Removal of 1 old snap and replacement with 1 new snap in existing opening: $.25 cents.
• Creation of snap opening in diaper and placement of 1 new snap: $.25 cents.
• Complete overhaul including: removal of old snaps, filling of old holes with inverted snaps, and placement of new snaps: $5.00 per diaper.

Elastic Repair and Pricing

I repair elastic on diapers by using only high-quality 100% polyester thread and ball point needles. To repair the elastic I open up the inside of the diaper and re-sew it, no snipping of the fleece or suedecloth is involved.

• 1 piece (1 leg or waist) $1.75
• 2 pieces (2 legs or 1 leg and waist) $3.25
• 3 pieces (2 legs and waist) $4.75

proudsahmof4 11-21-2011 03:57 PM

Matching snaps.

proudsahmof4 11-21-2011 03:57 PM


Diaper orders of 10 or less will be converted and return shipped within 7 days of both receipt and payment, orders of 11 or more will be converted and return shipped within 14 days of both receipt and payment (typically takes much less time than this – but I leave a little extra if I’m super busy with orders). I keep in stock the matching BumGenius colored snaps, as well as white. All other colors are considered "customs" and have additional fees. I can make individual adjustments for snaps. For instance, if you prefer an equal-sized gap between all snaps without the larger center gap, I can accommodate that, just ask.

Diapers must be clean upon my receipt, I will not convert or wash diapers that are visibly soiled.

My home is both pet and smoke free.

My Disclaimer:
Conversion of diapers can sometimes reveal a previously unnoticed defect upon removal of aplix (such as uneven sewing, openings in PUL, etc.), especially if the diaper is a “second” and you haven’t been able to find a reason why it’s a second. I have nothing to do with this and cannot be held responsible for defects that are made more obvious upon conversion. Snap conversion can also make “holes” where aplix is removed from the area it was stitched on at manufacture. You can see these in the first post - most visible on the green diapers. These small stitch marks are a typical effect of snap conversion and I cannot make guarantees as to whether they will or will not exist on your diapers.

The actual snaps themselves are guaranteed for 6 months from date of return shipment. If they should break diapers can be returned to me and snaps replaced free of charge.

Discounts and Incentives

I offer a 10% discount for the following (only one discount per order):
*Conversion of 10 or more diapers.
*Removal of aplix before shipping to me.

Shipping Costs and Payment
These flat rates include shipping, delivery confirmation, and shipping materials. Diapers will be return shipped via First Class or Priority mail based on package weight. If you would like to add insurance to your diapers for an additional fee, let me know and I can determine the USPS rate for you. If you choose not to insure your diapers and I/you do not receive them, I am not liable for their loss. You may ship your diapers to me by any method you choose, but I recommend using delivery confirmation. The shipping rates below are for the pocket/cover only, inserts are not necessary for conversion, please do not ship them with your diapers. If they should be shipped along with diapers, you are responsible for additional shipping fees for them to be sent back along with your completed pockets. Diapers will only be return shipped to the address listed on the paypal account.
1 diaper = $3.00
2 diapers = $3.50
3 diapers = $4.00
4 diapers = $4.50
5 diapers = $6.05
6 – 10 diapers = $8.25
11 – 16 diapers = $9.60
17 – 20 diapers = $11.40
21+ diapers = $13.25


Payment is required via funded paypal before I will begin working on the diapers (credit card payments will be refunded and need to be made again with a funded account). Purchases must be marked as a "goods" payment on paypal, "personal" payments will be refunded and need to be made again using the "goods" selection. Once you have decided you would like to have your diapers repaired/converted I will ask that you provide me with your paypal email address so that I may send you an invoice/bill for the work to be done. This prevents slipups such as incorrect spelling of email addresses when sending funds, and provides you with my shipping address. Payment should be made on or before the day you have chosen to ship out on. Your diaper repair "spot" is not guaranteed until paypal is received. Requests for refunds made within 24 hours of payment receipt will be subject to a 15% fee, no refunds will be given for orders after 24 hours of payment receipt. No refunds on diapers that have been already shipped to me.

proudsahmof4 11-21-2011 03:57 PM

Getting Started

Once you've decided that you'd like to have your diapers converted or repaired, please follow the steps below.

1. PM me or complete and submit an inquiry form via
2. I will contact you concerning my current openings and give you a date I will be available to work on your diapers, as well as the total cost of your repairs and shipping.
3. I will send you an invoice through paypal, and you make payment on the diapers.
4. You ship your diapers to me (please be sure you enclose something with your name and e-mail/DS username written on it so I know who the diapers belong to :thumbsup: ).
4. I'll send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your diapers.
5. Once I have received your diapers and your payment I will begin working on your diapers, typically completed within 7-14 days (depending upon the size of the order).
6. I will send you a PM/e-mail confirming I have completed and shipped your diapers, and will provide you with a Delivery Confirmation number from the USPS so that you may track delivery of your diapers.
7. You receive your diapers in the mail and do a little dance. :lostit:

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