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tarah1218 12-12-2007 05:52 AM

I now hate the ped!
So I use to love our ped. on post. She use to be respectful of my decisions. Well, it all started with sleeping. She asked if he was sleeping on his back and I said no, on his stomach. The hospital started it to help him sleep better because he has issues with gas. Well, she than tells me more than once he needs to be on his back. I was all he doesn't sleep, he will wake up in 10 min screaming! She again tells me he needs to be on his back. I just don't get it, why wouldn't she realize we both sleep better and are in better moods if he sleeps the way he likes! So she never tells me remove any blankets, crib bumpers, toys, blankets, nothing! She just stops talking and goes to sit down. Now, if she was so worried wouldn't she recomend a sleep sack to lessen the chance of suffication so that a blanket doesnt get wrapped around his face or something?

Now, after she sits down we talk about Vaxes. I delay and selectively vax and she than procedes to ask me where I am from. I tell her Oregon, than she says, oh your one of those people. Uh, EXCUSE ME?!?!??! ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!?!?!?! WTF was that suppose to mean? I was just so mad I stopped talking. So than we go the vax nurses and she was the one I usually do not get along with. She was wonderful! She sat down and worked out shots with me. I told her I was not comfertable with the Prevnar and she was honest with me and told me if he doesn't go to daycare he doesn't really need it! I was shocked she said this. I explain the DTaP and how I don't want him to have anything but the P part. She than tells me they only have DTaP and she can't get it broken up, the person in charge of the clinic won't allow her to order it. So she told me we could wait to do DTaP until 6 months when the SIDS rate drops if I would like. She asks me forwardly if I thought she was going to be a ***** and I admitted yes. She laughed and said she is an understanding person but doesn't let people push her around. She told me that I am a great parent and not to listen to anyone else, I am making informed decisions and there is nothing better than that. I love her now, I use to think she was horrid, and the ped. I use to love I now hate, how irronic!

ForCryingOutLoud 12-12-2007 06:09 AM

Re: I now hate the ped!
OH my GOSH! One of those people statement would have put me over the edge! That is just plain RUDE!
Do what you feel is right! If something is working for you then don't stop. My kids sleep on their backs only because they hate laying on their tummies. Actually once they start rolling you can't stop the way they sleep anyway. Once ds started rolling he slept on this tummy with his bum up in the air. So I imagine dd will do that, too.

zosiasmama 12-12-2007 06:33 AM

Re: I now hate the ped!
You do what is right for your baby and only you can know that. I think that the whole back to sleep campaign thing is great for people that have no common sense. But for the rest of us we can make good decision for our babies. My baby oly liekd to slep on her side and once she was able to rollover she slept on her tummy and still does both. She is fine, i just keep an eye on her and made sure that there was not anything in her crib. Sory about the pedi, btu the nurse sounds great!

mommy2kaitlyn 12-12-2007 11:25 AM

Re: I now hate the ped!
As much as I hated it my niece slept great on her tummy. She did fine on her side to but her mom wouldn't properly prop her so tummy was safest.

Due to family experience we refuse to back sleep until they are older and can roll, and I told my Ped why and he couldn't say anything but I am sorry and the chances are slim but I understand.

I have learned there is no perfect Ped. It is just how they handle stuff. I wouldn't like that one either. Mine says and ecourages things I don't like but he knows I am well informed and lets it go without any hassle. At DD's only sick visit so far this year, he said he misses us! LOL I think it is only cause he doesn't have to deal with any crap with me lol.

TwinKristi 12-12-2007 01:46 PM

Re: I now hate the ped!
Sometimes people surprise ya!!! :giggle: I happen to LOVE my OB and a lot of people absolutely HATE her! And I'm the same with the another OB in the office, and a lot of people LOVE her! I was at a point with her that if she was in L&D when I went into labor that I would have walked out and delivered my own dang babies in my car! My OB was laughing but I was dead serious! I did NOT like that lady!
I'm so sorry your Ped said such rude things to you, and what IS that supposed to mean about Oregon?? I mean, I'm from Cali and people here and even MORE notorious for being "like that" than Oregon! :blush: Jeeze!! I'm glad the nurse was helpful! :hugs:

JustAugust 12-12-2007 02:29 PM

Re: I now hate the ped!
Oh goodness.

And she is right... you can't get Pertussis alone. It had to be in conjunction with something else. T or D, I think both. Actually though... Pertussis is the most dangerous vaccine of the three, and the least effective. And after 6 months, Pertussis (while not fun in the least!) is not typically dangerous. Just annoying.

mhaddon 12-12-2007 02:40 PM

Re: I now hate the ped!
I'm a bad mommy sometimes I tell them what they want to hear b/c I don't want to deal w/ it. "Do you co-sleep?" Nope. Do we? Yep, sometimes we sure do.
Sorry you had to deal w/ that :hugs:

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