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naivete 03-09-2008 12:49 AM

Brainfart while Baking
I'll preface this by saying honestly, usually I am very good at baking, I make everything from scratch and I never need to follow recipes. So I went to make cookies a few weeks ago, and I've done chocolate chip cookies the same way forever. I made a batch and they tasted awful, super dry, weird taste, and were heavy like breadish almost. Really gross. So I did another batch and got the same results. I gave up thinking I just mixed it wrong, and tried again today, I wanted to bake our neighbor some cookies since she used her tools to fix our fence. 2 batches and they were just as gross.

I was really confused. Until I realized that each time, I had been brainfarting and using baking powder instead of baking soda.

They're so gross, lol. I'll still eat them because I hate waste, but yeah, definitely not going to gift the neighbor with this.

mom2LBJ 03-09-2008 12:58 AM

Re: Brainfart while Baking
and it took two batches to figure out :giggle2: Ive done the same while mixing dry ingredients for pumpkin bread and realized I had added the baking powder amount and not soda. This was before mixing, so I just started them over. At least you figured out what it was before giving them to your neighbor :yuck:

-Blair- 03-09-2008 09:06 AM

Re: Brainfart while Baking
:giggle2: Got to LOVE days like that! :lostit:

nothingtosee 03-09-2008 09:29 AM

Re: Brainfart while Baking
Yep, those days are all too common around here.

Manna00 03-09-2008 09:54 AM

Re: Brainfart while Baking

Originally Posted by nothingtosee (Post 2992088)
Yep, those days are all too common around here.

:yeahthat: Sigh.

HadassahSukkot 03-10-2008 05:57 AM

Re: Brainfart while Baking
I did that not too long ago! LOL

Thankfully I only made half a batch. Talked with my mom and she said 'you didn't use baking powder did you???'


And the last time I made our family recipe of chocolate chip pecan cookies, I added in too much sugar somehow (both the brown and refined), so they came out flat. I saved 3/4ths the recipe and froze it, and waited until last month to make them. I bulked up the recipe with almond flour and some additional flour mix we use and it came out OK that time... but the ones before were like eating sugar-glass. EWW.

I haven't made any more cookies for fear I mess them up, but I need something to snack on from time to time with protein in it, and that seems to be the easiest way for me to make something like that which has the least amt of sugar and lasts 2-3 weeks and can be frozen if push comes to shove.

On another note, I messed up a conversion in one recipe (it was kind of funny at the time) and instead of using corn flour used corn starch, so the cake that I made fell. It tasted well enough but I couldn't figure out what I did wrong. Asked mom.. "You converted it to corn starch didn't you?"...
Me: "yeah.."
mom: "attack of the pregnancy brain strikes again! no worries, just remember next time use corn flour"

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