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clothrookie3 08-21-2012 09:35 AM

Doctor in central texas?
I live in Brownwood and have NO doctors here that are open to holistic health care. I'm wanting someone that doesn't reach for an antibiotic or cough meds every time someone has the sniffles :banghead: we already get attitude for delaying/selective vaxing,cd'ing, and "STILL" breast feeding (ds turned 1 on aug 12!) I'm willing to drive to Abilene or stephenville (both about 1-1.5hrs away but the Dallas or Austin area is 2.5+ hours and maybe I would if I had one child but I have three. That would be a TON of driving!! Oh and we have Medicaid. Idk if anyone knows a good place that takes it but if not I'd be willing to pay out of pocket! TIA:) :thumbsup:

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