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Juan M 05-23-2012 04:53 PM

DS Mod Applications CLOSED
Unfortunately, we have lost the applications sent in to us. We apologize for this great inconvenience. Our server somehow marked those applications as spam and deleted them all. :blush:

We have made the adjustments to allow emails to come through as normal now and are accepting applications once more. If you already applied, please resend your application. I will reply with a confirmation email to let you know that we did receive your information. If you do not hear from me in 1-2 days after you submit your application, please PM me and let me know.

Again, I apologize for the mishap and ask that you resubmit! We're looking forward to bringing more of you on the staff team!

The new deadline to submit is June 13, 2012

************************************************** *
As many of you know, this community is growing every day and we need Moderators to help us in keeping the community running smoothly. As of today, we are opening up our staff rolls to members like you who would like to join our team!

What do moderators do you ask? Well, we make sure that the site rules are being followed and obeyed. This is very important as we want each of our members to be safe and have a good time here. Moderators also check up on minor infractions and respond to them quickly. We are also here for the community to ask questions to. We strive to answer questions effectively and kindly.

There are also special perks that Moderators receive such as advertising benefits and the Site Supporter status.

If you feel that this position is for you, please fill out the following application in its entirety.

Title the Application: "Moderator Application for DS - (insert your username)"

Application to become a FSOT Mod~

Must be an active ds member for at least 1 year and have at least 2,000 posts.
Please title your email~Mod Application
send your application to

1. Full Name:

2. Ds-Username:

3. DS Feedback must be 100% positive~Please link to your fb here:

4. Non-Ds-Feedback:

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

5. Why do you want to become Moderator:

6. What Can You Do to Benefit the Team:

7. Are you able to put personal feelings aside as a moderator on DiaperSwappers when dealing with friends who are breaking DS Rules?

8. What areas of the site are you most familiar with?

9. Have you read the Forum Rules and FAQ?

10. If you were a radio station, what music would you play? Why?

Thank you for your application! The applications will be open for 7 days and we will be announcing them in the following days. We will contact you If you are chosen to join the Team.


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