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GrowingUpMad 06-09-2006 07:42 AM

Another ultrasound today ~ EEEK!!!
I am 27 weeks, 5 days pregnant and going in for another ultrasound today. I am so nervous!!

My first pregnancy was great, I was 16 and very healthy. I delievered a 9 lb 13 ozs. baby naturally with no problem and only a couple hours of labor. #2 came along 7 1/2 l-o-n-g years later. That pregnancy was horrid from the get go. I had IUGR and she stopped growing, they were so worried and suggested I teminate the pregnancy (no way man). I was told the baby would have various health problems depending on what didn't get developed. I also had toxoplasmosis and toxemia along with being borderline gestational diabetic. They induced my 3 weeks early because the baby was under distress and needed out. I delivered a healthy 6 lb 15 oz baby after a not so swell labor and delivery. This time around everything has been great. My one hour GTT was perfect, the ultrasounds have showed adequate growth and development. I have been eating great and walking regularly to stay active. I have an ultrasound today to re check development and I am scared to death. With my last one it started at 18 weeks and just went bad from there. I can feel this baby (as we speak) and couldn't feel Madison so that is a plus. But why am I so scared? I am normally okay until it comes to a doc. visit or testing. Maybe it is because last time I got bad news everytime I got results. I just had to get this off my chest to someone, dh understands but he too gets scared so I don't want to burden him with more worry.

On another (not so imprortant) note I keep having dreams that they say it's a boy when I have already been told it's a girl. I have girlie everything so that would be a pain (again if the baby is healthy that is al that really matters).

Okay, need to go bake cookies and feel better.

Kimmomy2dom 06-09-2006 07:49 AM

Re: Another ultrasound today ~ EEEK!!!
You're concerned because it's your baby! Just like everyone says not to worry when they're not in utero, but you do. ;) It's exciting to get to see "her", anyway!! I would take your good pregnancy as a great sign this time!
LOL, when I was pregnant with my son I didn't have a single baby dream until AFTER we found out he was a boy, and in the dreams he wasn't always a boy, LOL.
Good luck! I'm sure everything will be fine and you'll get lots of adorable pics of your little girl!

Jemgirl 06-09-2006 08:27 AM

Re: Another ultrasound today ~ EEEK!!!
big :hugs:
its natural to worry! and you prolly do aasoc. going to the dr w/ bad news from that prev experience
we have one ped that i adore.......but he's the one that rushed ds1to the hospital at 6 wks where he endured all kinds of awful tests (insluding a spinal tap:cry: ), we spent a loooooooooong week in the peds ward........i didn't leave the room once! but whenever we see that dr, my heart starts yo race, i swear i have an anxiety attack practcally
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Fullhouse 06-09-2006 08:30 AM

Re: Another ultrasound today ~ EEEK!!!
My ds2 was 100% for sure a girl from ultrasounds. They said there were girl parts. I was crushed because I was SOOO sure he was a boy. Anyhow, turns out she is 100% a BOY:giggle:

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