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mrseum 06-02-2011 05:32 AM

infant reflux?
DS2 is a month, & suddenly has reflux. He's always grunting; & gags fairly often. (only spits up a few times a day.) The past 3 nights weren't great. Two of them I slept on the couch in an upright position w/him on me. Last night I got smart & put him in his carseat. We got a 4 hr stretch!! :thumbsup:
however; I REALLY don't want him getting used to sleeping in the carseat, so what can I do? I don't want it burning him...>_<
I do breastfeed and have OALD, so I'm working on that. (have been from the begining.)
and I think I'm going to have to limit/eliminate dairy, and see where that puts us. :yuck:
are there crib wedges that WORK and don't cost $100+ for "sizes by weight"? The BRU one are rediculously tiny and don't do a thing. (found out w/DS1.)
is there a natural solution?

pcjs 06-02-2011 08:12 AM

Re: infant reflux?
You need to google diet and reflux and follow that as diet is 1/2 the key - for formula feeders you have to try multiple formulas.

Don't have baby sleep in the car seat if possible. At best, try a bouncy seat. There is one that is made for reflux but we used the my little lamb and it was our lifesaver. (otherwise he slept on my husband)

The wedges DO work and aren't $100. We used the DEX under the crib mattress - don't use it under the sheet as it seemed a bit risky but I'm paranoid. That was our other lifesaver. (others stores have it cheaper).

Take baby to a GI over a ped. as they are the ones who specialize in it and consider medication if it is that bad.

Also, it may just be gas or something else or a combination of things so look at everything and not just reflux.

Make sure to burp really well in different positions too. I can't burp over the shoulder but my husband could better. I can burp better sitting babies up for some reason so we'd rotate to get all the gas out. Also start with the bike legs/up down and all around.

AnimalHouse 06-02-2011 09:26 AM

Re: infant reflux?
:hugs: mama. DS2 had reflux, and it was awful. His pedi refused to put him on meds for it, claiming he would "outgrow" it. We switched pedi's when he 9 months old - first thing the new one did was put him on meds, and everything was so much better after that! We weaned him off the meds when he was 14 months old, and it's been great ever since. I would definitely consult with either your pedi, or a GI, depending on how severe it is.

Other than that, I ditto everything said in the above post!

Truckerswife 06-02-2011 09:56 AM

my DD has reflux she has been on meds starting at 5 weeks old at 3 weeks she was spitting up out her nose she couldn't even at the hospital sleep unless i was holding her upright now at 9 months i have to be careful what i eat and what she eats last night i put pears in her rice cereal and she was up for over a hour with a upset tummy
in her crib i have 2 thick pillows under the top of her mattress and a thin pillow under her bottom to keep her from sliding down about every 2 months the Dr ups the dose for her meds as she gains weight she is not a super spitty baby but can get terrible tummy aches from certain foods she can eat bananas peas graham crackers and Cheerios she can't do any pureed veggies or fruit she has in the last couple weeks been able to do a small dish of rice cereal reflux runs in my family so i don't have much hope she will out grow it but with her zantac she will be able to manage it

Suzi 06-02-2011 03:54 PM

Re: infant reflux?
I changed my diet down to I felt like there were 4 foods I could eat and my son still had reflux. He didn't spit up much but smelled like acid on his breath and was fussy.

We did zantac and it helped a ton, still had some reflux but I really didn't want to use the proton pump inhibitors (like prevacid) since you can become dependent on those. AT 6ish months we weaned him off zantac and seemed ok. But at 1 he started having respiratory symptoms. We figured out by 2 years that it was all due to reflux. He went back on meds for year and hasn't been on any since. He has a really deep voice for a 6 year old and they think it may be due to all the reflux he had. i was so worried about having him on med that he didn't need that I probably didn't treat it aggressively enough

northknoxmomma 06-02-2011 06:44 PM

Re: infant reflux? is an awesome site with great information. :hugs: we are now going through reflux w/ our new one (ds1 had it as well, and still has flare ups).

tward33556 06-02-2011 07:35 PM

Re: infant reflux?
this was a lifesaver for my son who had horrible reflux.

mrseum 06-02-2011 07:46 PM

Re: infant reflux?
thanks for all the ideas; & I'll check that site out. I said A wedge that would work because we bought that Dex wedge w/DS1 & THE INCLINE...well, WHAT incline?! (sorry, NAK)
I'll ask his ped next visit.

nkmcginty 06-02-2011 09:24 PM

Re: infant reflux?
my grandfather actually has acid relfux and sleeps on a wedge. i asked him where he got his and he said that he just bought a piece of camping foam and cut it at a 30 degree angle. works like a charm and much cheaper! we swaddle our 5 mo old and put him in a positioner and and he sleeps fine and doesn't move all night. until we did all this though, OMG. sleep was terrible! literally waking every 45 min screaming. once we put him on zantac and did the wedge/swaddle (with a miracle blanket) he started sleeping 6+ hours at a time at 6 weeks. now at 22 weeks, he sleeps an avg of 10 hrs a night AND naps really well during the day. there is also a bassinet sold at target that retails for around $50, it rocks and is adjustable so that you can put the baby at a 30 degree angle. they actually advertise it for babies with relfux. if we hadn't figure out our little system before we had seen that, i guarantee you we'd own it!

nkmcginty 06-02-2011 09:25 PM

Re: infant reflux?
also i should tell you that he's VERY good at rolling over and almost sitting up from lying on his back on his own, so the fact that he doesn't go anywhere all night is proof that our system is working ok. he's safe and secure :)

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