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Leigh179 10-09-2012 12:54 AM

6 month old not ready for solids???
So, ds has a protein allergy and is on Allimentum. He eats about 4-6 oz on demand but about every 3 hours.
GI dr said it was ok to start solids in a certain order. I did that and carrots and sweet potatoes have been ok. We discovered that squash is a problem. He has a horrible rash on his bottom from the acid in his poo (from the squash still leaving his system even though he hasn't had it since Saturday).
When I feed him, he kind of acts like he likes it, but then its like he doesnt know how to swallow it. He spits half or more of it out. When I try to put it in his mouth, he acts like he's chewing but he chomps on the spoon instead of letting me get it in his mouth.
Now his tummy is upset again and Im wondering if its just not time for him to start solids.

BeccaSueCongdon 10-09-2012 01:14 AM

You could look into baby led weaning, which is basically offering those foods in a form that requires him to lick it up and feed himself. Maybe go back to just the other two foods he didn't react to, and let him dip his fingers and "play" with it a little and see if he gets interested in actually getting it into his mouth. The mantra of "food before one is just for fun" is a reliable saying. Until age one, solid foods aren't a source of nourishment as much as an opportunity to explore textures and tastes, and to begin participating in the family's social customs around mealtimes.

If it were me, I'd back off of everything until the rash clears and then introduce the safe foods again one week at a time to watch for reactions.

LinzTAW 10-09-2012 11:25 PM

Re: 6 month old not ready for solids???
He just might not be ready. It took DS a week or two to really understand how to eat his purees. Maybe give it a rest for a week and then try again, Or you could look in to BLW as PP said. GL!

DragonnMama 10-10-2012 12:58 PM

Re: 6 month old not ready for solids???
I had to back off with my little one -- just went back to EBF for a week or so. She does baby led weaning as well, even though I still puree for her. I just let her grab the spoon and guide it in. Makes a royal mess but that's the point! It has really built her confidence with trying/wanting solids. Now she gets excited!

We restarted with "GI friendly" foods -- the 'P' fruits (pears, peaches, prunes)! Worked a treat. She LOVES pears now.

Leigh179 10-10-2012 01:12 PM

Re: 6 month old not ready for solids???
Our GI dr said to do by color. Yellow, green then red. Veggies first, then fruit then meats and cereal from light to dark on both. Orange falls under yellow. Purple and blue falls under red.
We have stopped all foods completely, put him in sposies and using lavender oil for healing and cornstarch powder to keep him dry until his bottom heals.
I've been thinking maybe I'll wait a few more weeks til he is really looking interested in our food and maybe trying to grab it before I try again. Then I will let him do it. I haven't heard of BLW, but it sounds good to me. I'll probably give it a try. In the meantime, just bottles for him!

Kandii03 03-21-2013 09:43 AM

Re: 6 month old not ready for solids???
We have the exact problem and are doign the same (ecept our baby is on neocate).4-6 oz and on demand every 3 hours (even at night!!! - its killign me that he doesnt sleep well at ngiht at 6 months. sometimes up every two hours or even every hour!!) I give him solids and he practically "chews" the puree. I bought a sassy infant feeder of ebay. they dont make them anymore but he eats his purees out of the bottle and is doign better with eating! This way he can get used to the taste of food (in the bottle becsuse he loves the bootle) and then we still practice getting him used to the spoon with the foods and flavors that he likes or has gotten used to. Given that he has some reactions to some foods id just stay away from those for a bit. You wont know which he racts to unless you try. Our fb son reacted to things with strawberries in it. So we held off, tried later, and then again at 1 and still reacted. we had to hold off until he was 2! but he lvoes them now and doesnt raect. Good luck!

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