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sandhillcranes 06-12-2011 07:15 PM

Rave for CD'ing daddies....
I just want to say, after reading several threads over the past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion MY DH IS AWESOME! :yay: Don't tell him I said that, of course. :giggle2:

He isn't ALWAYS thrilled to use cloth (READ: middle of the night, in the dark, fumbling with a diaper cover)...but he has been known to dunk-n-swish and barely ever discourages me beating the paypal tree....

He has survived several different stash changes: prefolds, flats, wool, snappis, pockets, homemade prefitteds.....

He barely muttered a whine when I took away all the fragranced detergent he so dearly loves....

He said OK :brat: when I brought back night CD'ing......

and he at least ATTEMPTED cloth wipes...(though I have to say I think we both truly prefer sposie wipes)....:bagoverhead:

He really is supportive of all my crazy :lostit: ideas and I am very blessed to have him! :hugs:

I'd love to add a pic but he would probably be much less supportive of that :blush:!

Ohh, and I almost forgot to add...he has only ruined ONE diaper w/diaper cream since we started using cloth. Not bad for a dude. :thumbsup:

madiganandpupsmom 06-12-2011 07:20 PM

Re: Rave for CD'ing daddies....
yup, I had your same thoughts! My DH really loves cloth, I'd say he's a cloth advocate now! He tells everyone how he was afraid at first, he thought it was all prefolding and pins but now that he has aplix AIOs to work with he does great!

kalhayd 06-12-2011 07:22 PM

Re: Rave for CD'ing daddies....
My DH has no issues with cloth(though he doesn't want to use cloth wipes). He changes DS without issues and even washes them(correctly). Yay for supportive hubby's!

JamieJLD 06-12-2011 07:28 PM

Re: Rave for CD'ing daddies....
Yay for CDing daddies! My DH is a CD advocate now and can use AIOs or prefolds and wool. He can do diaper laundry (but leaves the wool to me) and uses cloth wipes and hasn't touched a disposable in years.

Okay, actually he did touch a disposable last year. He was watching our DD and our neighbor's little girl so us moms could go out (isn't he awesome?!) and had to put a disposable on the neighbor girl. When I got home he told me, "I felt so bad putting that fake diaper on her." :giggle:

rescueremedies 06-12-2011 07:35 PM

Yep, great cloth diapering daddy here too! He tells everyone it's so easy. Even his mom who criticizes it.

Sunny_mama 06-12-2011 07:35 PM

Re: Rave for CD'ing daddies....
Yes ma'am, my husband proudly tells other moms AND dads that we cloth diaper and save a bundle. He can spout if money saving facts, tips, wash routines and can tell you all about CD's from flats to AIO's. He never reaches for our daycare sposies at home even though they're right there, he washes puts away our dipes and will spray off the nastiest diapers without a peep. He re-makes our wipes solution and soaks our cloth wipes in it, will slather on olive oil and even knows how to treat our sons rashes with home ground oatmeal and baking soda in the tub.

He'll produly change a CD in the mens bathroom and will even answer questions no less. When people bash cloth he doesn't get it and says... "So what if you have to get dirty once in a while, we save THOUSANDS!!". When I brought home our new babies teeny itty bitty fluff he said he was excited to CD a tiny one again and was impressed by my savings. Yep he knew $2 for a NB fitted was a great deal! :giggle: I love my CDing hubby!

NFPMommy6709 06-12-2011 07:42 PM

Re: Rave for CD'ing daddies....
My DH is amazing with CDing. :loveit: He was on board at first because of the cost savings, and then he liked the idea of not filling landfills. :) We've got a little boy on the way, and he's agreed to wool! Mostly because he doesn't do the laundry. :giggle:

Joyful Tie Dyes 06-12-2011 07:43 PM

Re: Rave for CD'ing daddies....
My DH has been on board with cloth from day 1 and will tell anyone who wants to know how awesome it is! He uses cloth wipes like a pro too. The only thing he does not do is wash wool. <3

scorpioscuba 06-12-2011 07:44 PM

Re: Rave for CD'ing daddies....
Another rave here for my DH. He has been supportive from the beginning and changes diapers right alongside me. He's even agreed to take on laundry duty when I go back to work as he'll be staying home.

reithegenki 06-12-2011 07:47 PM

Re: Rave for CD'ing daddies....
When I told my DH that I wanted to CD he just kinda looked at me and said "Of course... Why wouldn't we?" He does laundry, uses cloth wipes, and tells people that sposies are nasty. Never had a single complaint from him. He thinks men who "can't do diaper laundry without messing it up" and "refuse to use cloth" are big stupid babies.

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