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mommytoallgirls 02-21-2013 12:36 PM


This is my first time selling, so please let me know if things are not priced fairly. All were bought new by me and used for one child unless noted. All were washed with Charlie's and hung to dry.

-Warm stripes, size 1, snaps. EUC. $10ppd

-Warm stripes, size 2, snaps. EUC. $10ppd SOLD

-2 Alice brights, size 2, snaps.
one is darker on the inside with slightly relaxed inner gusset elastic GUC. (I never noticed the color or relaxing of the elastic until I was comparing these to list on here) $9ppd
the other is perfect EUC $10ppd

-Alice brights, size 2, aplix. GUC. The inner gusset is a bit darker and the top seam of the aplix is raveling, tabs are still very sticky! $9ppd

-Orchid, size 2, snaps, EUC. $10ppd SOLD

-Rose (I think, it's very coral-y), size two, aplix, GUC. inner gusset is slightly darker and relaxed, (Same deal as the Alice brights one). And the butt has a bit of pilling, nothing to amount to anything, I'm just afraid to do anything to it. Aplix is still perfect! $9ppd

THIRSTIES SIZED COVERS: (These were given to me by a mom that used them on one toddler, she line dried them as well)
All are mediums

-Rose, aplix is still great, but it is unraveling on the bottom seam of the loop side on the belly area. GUC $8ppd

-Baby bird lavender, aplix is still perfect, but the loop part has come completely undone on the rise. A simple straight stitch across would fix it, but I'm leery of sewing on these. The inner gusset is slightly darker now. GUC $7ppd

-Lavender, EUC except for the slight darkening on the inner gussets $9ppd

BUMMIS Super Whisper Wrap, size medium, Flower, EUC, with curled tabs. $10ppd

GEN-Y Classic cover in Mocha, size medium, the edging on the diaper is a different color than the rest of the brown and I have no idea why. It was never bleached or anything. I got this on here last year. It is still perfectly functional and so cute! $9ppd SOLD

WEEHUGGERS covers: (I bought these on here)

-Baby Blooms, aplix, size 2, tabs are slightly curled, but otherwise perfect and the tag is a bit snagged from catching on the aplix
EUC $12ppd SOLD

-Flower Child, snaps, size 2, EUC $12ppd SOLD

-Hot Spot, snaps, size 2. The white background looks dingy IMO but the mama I bought it from said it was as it was new, so IDK if the color is true or not. EUC $11ppd SOLD

BLUEBERRY one size coverall, snaps, Pink Lemonade, EUC $12ppd SOLD

3 FUZZIBUNZ OS with inserts in grape, crushed berries, and cotton candy. I have the replacement elastics too. Normal wash wear on the inside and the inserts are slightly yellow but overall they are definitely EUC $14ppd each or $39 for all three

BUMGENIUS 4.0 bubble, aplix is not as sticky as new but it's in GUC. Two inserts included. $10 SOLD

I also have 3 BG 3.0 (two in white, one in blossom). These are in need of new elastic and aplix. $6ppd, $15 for all three, or $3 with any other purchase. SOLD

And lastly, I also have a RaR OS in purple that is in need of new elastic too. The aplix is still perfect though! $7ppd or $5 with any other purchase.

Now the deets:
We are a pet friendly, smoke free home. The Chihuahua doesn't wear the diapers, but we know how dog hair can migrate into unwanted areas. :)

I will try my hardest to get pics up later...naptime is almost over. Until then, I can email any pics anyone wants. PM me please! I'll get notification of that quicker than this thread.

And I can ship same day or next depending on the time I receive payment.

I am ISO of PP, but gift cards would be nice too. We just bought a house and are renovating, so I need monies to fund the new decor! And fitteds. I need fitteds like WHOA!


mommytoallgirls 02-22-2013 12:36 PM

Re: Girly destash, thirsties covers, FB, Weehuggers, and more

mommytoallgirls 02-23-2013 03:08 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Attachment 135038

Attachment 135039

Attachment 135040

mommytoallgirls 02-24-2013 03:12 PM

14 Attachment(s)
Fuzzibunz are pictured above and I have several others if anyone is interested.

Attachment 135114

3 medium Thirsties covers, lavender, rose, lavender baby birds

Attachment 135113

Zinnia Flips cover. No insert. $6

Attachment 135117

Lavender and warm stripes Thirsties duo wrap size 2

Attachment 135116
2 Alice brights Thirsties duo wraps size 2

Attachment 135115


Attachment 135118

Thirsties duo wrap warm stripes size 1

Attachment 135119

Rose and warm stripes aplix Thirsties duo wraps size 2

Attachment 135121

Up close pic of pilling on rose

Attachment 135122

Blueberry and Gen Y

Attachment 135124

Weehuggers hot spots and flower child

Attachment 135125

Weehuggers baby blooms and Bummis flower

Attachment 135123

Need some love BG 3.0s

Attachment 135126

Needs a bit of love BG 4.0 aplix

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