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JasmineMama 02-14-2013 10:15 AM

Help me help my 19 mo ds potty learn
My DS2 is 19 months and is really seeming to want to use the potty. He gets upset if you put a diaper on him and wants to run around naked from the waist down. He then goes to the potty about every 1/2 hour and "uses" it. He normally doesn't pee in the potty, just sits there. The problem is that he is then peeing on the floor (normally RIGHT after he has finished up on the potty). How can I make this click for him? He seems really interested in using the potty. When he does pee in the potty (like 2 times) I made a huge deal about it and he pointed at it and said "Baby pee pee!"

With my oldest I just let him guide the timeline and he learned at about 2 and 1/2. So, 19 months is early for me.

Any advice?


BigSamsMom 02-14-2013 10:47 AM

Re: Help me help my 19 mo ds potty learn
Sounds like my neighbors kid, who is 2.5 years and has always preferred to be naked/diaperless when learning to use the potty - luckily there house is completely tiled/pergoed. What you describe though is what we went through when we tried to start potty training my DS1 at 18 months old, although he wasn't preferring to go diaperless... we tried the butt naked, potty boot camp route and gated him in the kitchen, so he only had the linoleum or outdoors to mess up in case of accidents (and we did have them!). He had a potty in the kitchen and one on the back patio and we set the timer for every 30 minutes and had him sit on it. Long story short, he did really well during morning, but lost interest in the afternoon. So after a 3 day weekend of this, we chalked it up to him not being truly ready. He eventually got it around 2.5-3 years old. The potty always remained out for him to use, between this time and his actual learning phase, we just had to wait him out until he was ready. We talked about the potty, read books about the potty, watched videos, etc, all the time from 18 months until 3 years old, until he finally got it. Maybe, if you are having issues with him removing/refusing his diaper, you could get the Potty Scotty waterproof training pants, or use rubber pants/diaper covers over traditional cotton training pants. He might accept the change in a new type of "big boy" underwear to wear, and you'll save your carpet and furniture in the meantime. Keep trying though, you are in the small window between 15-20 months, where they say a lot of toddlers are open to potty learning early. Give it more than just a couple of days, if you are able. Good LUCK!

Shimpie 02-14-2013 03:39 PM

Re: Help me help my 19 mo ds potty learn
Keep it up OP. Every accident is still a learning experience. It will all come together soon. Perhaps point out the sound he makes when pee hits the bottom of the potty?

strongwoman 02-14-2013 05:22 PM

Re: Help me help my 19 mo ds potty learn
i would recommend checking out Oh Crap Potty Training at There are lots of moms on the forum who are in the process or have trained their under two year old child. I would have done it if I had read her book when DS2 was 18 months. But, I was preggers at 7 months and carrying him to the potty would have been difficult. So, once I was in the clear after giving birth, I read the book and trained him at 24 months and he's been diaper free ever since! Give it a try with the intention of staying committed to it!

WinterBaby 02-14-2013 05:32 PM

Re: Help me help my 19 mo ds potty learn
I swear by Oh Crap Potty Training and your son is just the right age! We started when DD was 22 months. It was difficult at times, but so much better than what I did with my son when I trained him at 3. Now at 25 months DD is doing great! She learned how to pull down her pants during the process and even stays dry for naps and often at night even though we didn't nap and night train.

ladiebug2663 04-04-2013 01:25 AM

Re: Help me help my 19 mo ds potty learn
Per these posts i bought ohcrappottytraing and am so glad i did!

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