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Julesboch 01-24-2011 04:27 AM

May Flowers Chat Jan 24th
Good Morning:cowwave:!

Hope everyone has a nice easy going week! I hope this week flies by so that DH is home sooner! We have been without him for much longer but these short trips always go by so slow. Just going to class today and hopefully will be accomplishing a little housework tonight. We are just an edge of your seat kind of family:giggle:.

I am keeping on the lookout for some relax clothes, I realized last week that I have no clothes that are for just hanging out except PJ's and I don't like being in my Pj's all day. Alright I am going to go back to bed for a bit have a great day! :goodvibes::goodvibes:

QOTD: What is your nursery theme/color??

AOTD: We found the cutest bed set at Target with a really nice color scheme of Light blue, chocolate brown and light beige. It has my favorite animals on it so it felt meant to be! I am so excited to get started on his corner of our bedroom since all my babies room in for the 1st year.

blondeviolin 01-24-2011 07:25 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 24th
Hey Jules! I hope this week goes quickly for you too! The short times away are annoying because you don't really craft your own good routine, but they are STILL GONE. :hugs:

AFM, my littlest has started to wake an hour earlier than normal and it throws off my entire schedule. She clings on me all morning because she's really tired and I can't accomplish as much. Then, she takes a nap around 9 or 10 instead of noon...and of course, is exhausted at least 90 minutes before bedtime.

On the bright side, though, she's basically potty training herself. No accidents at all yesterday. It just makes taking us all out of the house more difficult because she doesn't tell us when she has to go so I have to take her frequently. At home she just is naked and climbs up on the potty on her own. I guess I can't complain since she's only 18 mos, though. :)

MamaSarahMay 01-24-2011 07:37 AM

Morning Ladies!! Hope everyone has a great day.

Jules hope the week goes by super fast for you guys.

Blonde- that is great she is wanting to learn on the potty so early!

We were at my parents most of the weekend so today I am busy doing laundry and cleaning. Plus now that DS is off of his antibiotics he doesn't have runny messy diarrhea anymore so we can get back to potty learning. He was doing so well but I was not having cleaning diarrhea off of my carpet 4-5x a day when he was on his medicine since the underwear wouldn't hold it in. So he has regressed obviously but I think he will do well getting back into it today.

AOTD: This theme is so way overdone but a jungle theme. We are using the same bedding that we used for DS1. I'm trying to save money anyway I can and we still have to buy a new crib and carseat so I didn't want to spend another hundred or two on a crib bedding set :(

Mama4Ways 01-24-2011 07:39 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 24th
Hope your week goes quickly too!

Here, I have a REALLY busy day with way too many appointments, but if they all get done on time, I can tick them off like clockwork and be done and back home to my dh's house in time to throw something on for dinner. Best laid plans, huh?

And AOTD--Nursery? Whats that? My YDS and YDD are sharing a room, with a low loft over a makeshift crib space (fluff on the floor inside a playyard) and baby will be next to us for the first months, until shes sleeping through the night. Then we will shift her into the room with her next older sister, and move my ds to his own room--if that's what he wants. (The "other" bedroom is downstairs, and he wants nothing to do with being that far away from us, but that could change in a year or so....) Otherwise, we will put a taller loft above for him, move dd to the low loft and this baby into the "crib" space. As for bedding etc., this is baby #8. We will use what we have and works and washes well that has lasted and been passed down. Baby isnt going to care, I don't think LOL

cococomey 01-24-2011 07:41 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 24th
Morning :)
jules~ hope he will be home before you know it :goodvibes:
blondeviolin~ WOW...PL'ing @ 18 months is so great! My 20 month old tells me when she already poo'ed but that's about it :giggle:

AFM~ supposed to get up to 67* today so I may tackle cleaning off the porch...we are going to a 40th surprise birthday dinner for a friend- we went to the mall saturday to find him an "over the hill" gift.
Note to self: Spencer's Gifts is so completely kid un-friendly...YIPES! :blush:
But for the 5 mins we were in there I was howling at all the ridiculous Onesies and T-shirt for LO's....

Have a great Monday ~

mich*mommy 01-24-2011 08:09 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 24th

DH are getting ready to go look at houses - not buy, just look. LOL. :)

AOTD - No nursery until we move. DS (OMG, this is weird to write! LOL!) will room share with us until then. :)

pieceofjess 01-24-2011 08:15 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 24th
Fave nursery theme: I LOVED the theme I had for DS's crib (he didn't have his own room at that point) - Sea Life. It was so adorable. I love the unique-ish themes although this one will probably get a run of the mill girly crib set LOL. I plan on being more unique in the painting of the walls, decorations, etc.

My weekend was okay. Hopefully the recurrent fevers I was dealing with (2 nights in a row) are gone now. MIL surprised us yesterday by buying things off of our Babies r Us registry. I had made it when I was bored honestly, there were only a couple of things on there and I didn't expect anyone to really buy anything. She got me an Ergo carrier and a nice swing, so I am thrilled. :)

staceyroo77 01-24-2011 09:29 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 24th
Jess-- I got an organic blue embroidered Ergo off of baby steals a few weeks ago, it was about $80 shipped! :lostit: I have one in cranberry, that I used a lot for DD#3, but I couldn't resist the deal. :giggle:

AOTD- We don't have a nursery. Right now DD#1 & DD#2 share a room and DD#3 sleeps in a crib side cared to our bed. She'll probably move to a toddler bed in our room and the new baby will get the crib.

watermelon 01-24-2011 09:53 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 24th
Jules I hope your week flies by!

BV what a gift - the on your own potty training!

Sarah don't work too hard :goodvibes:

Jess I hope you are all fever free!

Stacey pics of the Ergo?

Hoping to get some stuff out of my bedroom armoire so I can put baby clothes in. It will take me awhile to lose weight afterwards anyway so I might as well get my skinny clothes packed away for awhile! Big sigh! Boy was it hard to lose after my fourth! Oh welll, worth it!

Nursery....babies will sleep in my room until about a year so I'm just going to make a set up in there. I was thinking of getting coordinating bedding...for my bed and theirs and their changing area...I just don't know what yet!

mamamaggie 01-24-2011 10:04 AM

Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 24th
I'm too tired to respond, but for AOTD- we have no nursery. We are transitioning DD into a toddler bed in our room and the new baby in a cosleeper next to the bed. That's if we can rearange the furniture to make it work. That is why DD is waking up so much at night.

Last night DD woke up at 4 saying ow,ow,ow I pooped. I thought she had probably been sleeping in it awhile and it must be hurting. DH actually woke up and tried to change her, and she threw a huge tantrum, and of course there was no poop. Lately she won't let him care for her at all. I wonder if she is starting to sense things.

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