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Gavin&Brent'sMommy 06-02-2006 07:48 PM

stinky pee
Okay I've been noticing a smell to DS pee lately, and it seems to stay with him, are the dipes maybe not getting clean enough? or what could be causing this? he had his shots on the 17th of May, it couldn't still be cause of that could it?

I have bumGenius, FuzziBunz, and Happy Heiny's right now, with Cotton Baby inserts, someone suggested I do a cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse and that's what I have been doing... am I doing something wrong or could there be something wrong with DS?

veganmamma 06-02-2006 07:57 PM

Re: stinky pee
The older my boys get the stronger their pee is. After they start solids the pee and poop starts to smell. BUT, if the pee smell starts as soon as the first pee happens then it is build up. (Or if the strong pee smell happens after the diaper is really wet it may just be :yuck: smelly pee)

You are washing right. But I'd strip them if the strong smell happens with the first pee.

What I like to do is add some baking soda to the Hot wash (with only a teaspoon of detergent) and some vinegar to the second rinse. But Then I do a second Hot wash and cold rinse with nothing at all. That should do it.... :thumbsup:

veganmamma 06-02-2006 08:01 PM

Re: stinky pee

Originally Posted by GavinsMommy
I have bumGenius, FuzziBunz, and Happy Heiny's right now, with Cotton Baby inserts

Off topic, How you compare HH to BG and FB? Which one do you like the best?

Gavin&Brent'sMommy 06-02-2006 08:09 PM

Re: stinky pee
thanks hun :)

...honestly I am not sure I like all three of those, I did not like swaddlebees however, but I suppose if I had to choose one I'd say I like HH best, then FB, then BG but they're all great dipes :)

Psychomom 06-02-2006 09:01 PM

Re: stinky pee
What do you use to wipe him? If it's just plain water and you think the smell is staying with him, perhaps he needs a little more than water? I mostly use plain water on my son, but I do use a wipes solution after the nighttime diaper and after poops...otherwise I do notice he smells (especially after the nighttime diaper!)

Gavin&Brent'sMommy 06-02-2006 09:08 PM

Re: stinky pee
right now I am still using disposable wipes as I still have some and waiting on my others

offlikeapromdress 06-02-2006 09:13 PM

Re: stinky pee
it could be what he is eating also. I notice when I feed fishsticks to Sophia we have very smelly fishy pee for a couple of days. lol

Gloria 06-02-2006 09:59 PM

Re: stinky pee
My little boy jsut turned 2 and this is happening to us! We use prefolds/fitteds with a cover on him and I am so frustrated! EVERYTIME he pees i have to get a different cover because it smells so bad i have to wash it before i can reuse it! I use tea tree oil, baking soda, vinegar etc. I have rinsed them until there are no bubbles in the wash, etc. I have come to the conclusion it is just stinky pee.

Gavin&Brent'sMommy 06-02-2006 10:02 PM

Re: stinky pee
he's only 11 weeks old and is exclusively breastfed so could it be what I'M eating? lol

hollyhobby30 06-02-2006 10:27 PM

Re: stinky pee
I think it's buildup on your inserts. I use Sport-Wash and still get the stinkies. We're on hard well water and it doesn't take much. I use bleach every so often but I find the stinkies come back sooner than I'd like soooooooo...........

I had the same problem going on today. Here's what I did..

1~cold rinse
Hot wash with Sport-Wash
Cold rinse

2~Ran another load but without the Sport-wash

3~After that I boiled the inserts for 15 minutes and run another wash without soap.

4~After that I rinsed them 2 more times!!

5~Threw them in the dryer and they smell AWESOME. My little guy did his thing in one and I couldn't even smell it unlike before.

Open up your washer when it aggitating and then stop it. If you notice bubbles, you have build up. Continue to do rinses until no bubbles appear from soap. The boiling really helped too.

Worked so far for me.

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