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moonlightblonde 03-05-2012 12:43 PM

Homebirth mamas! What is/was in your birth kit?
I finally got a yes to a homebirth so I can start thinking of what to get =)

This is the list from my midwives:

-Heating pad or hot water bottle
-Space Heater (unnecessary we can adjust the room temp in every room)
-Towels (6) to dry off baby
-Receiving Blankets (4) to wrap babe in
-Baby hat
-Face cloths (12)
-Cookie sheet or tray
-2 large bowls
-Large plastic container for placenta
-2 garbage bags - one laundry, one garbage
-Maxi pads (lots)
-Emergency phone numbers
-Olive oil for perineal massage
-Ice pack
-Water bottle with squirt top
-Plastic sheets

What did you have?

bigmamakelsey 03-05-2012 02:32 PM

Re: Homebirth mamas! What is/was in your birth kit?
We had all that I think, plus some of those super sexy diaper panties! :yuck:
Postpartum bath herbs or salts are a nice thing to have, too.
I never actually bought real plastic sheets. We had painters plastic galore on the floor (planned water birth) and an old shower curtain on the bed :blush:

hauser 03-05-2012 02:40 PM

Re: Homebirth mamas! What is/was in your birth kit?
I had the also a hospital bag made up.

I also had on hand a hair band and chapstick.

I also pre-made a meal and put it in the freezer so that the midwives could eat if they were there for a while.

check the dollar store for bowels and such and thrift store for towels.

aumismommy 03-11-2012 11:39 PM

Re: Homebirth mamas! What is/was in your birth kit?
In addition to what you have listed we had:

bed pads (like for elderly people, it looks like a puppy pad)
meals frozen
hair band
gatorade type drink (we use recharge, it's just fruit juice with sea salt)
dry snacks for me or whomever (I had pretzels and cereal)
Rescue Remedy (tincture form or you could do spray, for me to calm nerves)
Aconitum Napellus (homeopathic for anxiety or fear)
Loads of Arnica Montana (homeopathic for healing)
Herbs for postnatal (comfrey, rrl, among others...the midwives brought this)
A robe - didn't actually do this, but will next time - would've been nice to have for going from tub to potty, etc
A note for the door that says what you would love someone to help with - meals, laundry, etc.
A stool to climb into bed if your bed is any higher than on the ground - you don't want to strain to get in and out of bed.
A list of mantras - these were things that I knew my husband, sister or mom could say that would trigger something in me - like my husband kept saying "open, down, relaxed" and that helped me do that......

JadeScarlet 03-12-2012 07:10 AM

Re: Homebirth mamas! What is/was in your birth kit?
Before the birth, I washed on the sterilize setting 6 towels and 6 old, mismatched sheets, and 12 gerber burp cloths.

The only thing I bought especially for birth was a plastic mattress cover. Everything else we already had lying around the house or had bought for the baby. I think they took some bowls from the kitchen. I had some cloth pads for postpartum bleeding, but they didn't work so well the first few days (I bled more than the pads could hold). Once the bleeding slowed down, the cloth pads were great! I had some disposables too, and they itched.

Its strange because I don't remember much of the birth at all. I got a huge dose of post-partum hormones, the kind that help you forget. The midwife told me much of what happened and gave me a copy of her report. I know that we had everything she needed and she brought everything else. But I was in my own little world of contractions so we relied on DH knowing where everything was.

The midwife brought a space heater, which we did need. A straw cup/water bottle is really helpful since I couldn't sit up, and I was in bed with blankets, holding my baby in a blanket with a space heater on right next to us. My mom kept refilling the water bottle with ice water and bringing it to us.

I also made a list of chores for DH or my mom to keep them busy: things like make tea, hard boil eggs, etc. I had eggs, peanut butter, crackers to snack on, but I didn't eat while I was in labor. I didn't want to eat after either, but the midwife brought me some peanut butter crackers. We also had bolonaise sauce in the fridge that could just be heated up and poured over spaghetti.

After the birth - they used some of the burp cloths to wrap up ice to put on my tear - that felt really soothing.

Just looking over your list: peroxide gets blood stains out of things, but my mom did all of the laundry. DH said there were 6 bags of laundry in the end. I bled on our good sheets as well as the old sheets, but the stains all came out. The placenta was just put in a plastic bag.

I had a bunch of receiving blankets, but I also knitted a blanket which was put on top of the pile and the midwife used it. DS put some meconium in it, but my mom washed it and the meconium came out no stains.

If you have long hair, braid it or get someone to help you braid it when the time comes...

My thoughts are disorganized. I actually responded to this post earlier while feeding DS - then he sat up and mashed his hand on the keyboard and the window closed!

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