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bryvaeh 06-22-2008 09:34 PM

Question for moms of multiples...
I have a question for those moms that have multiples please...

My twins are 6 weeks old now. They are both doing really well with nursing and growing and everything. I am proud of myself that I have not lost my mind with 4 kids under age 3. :giggle: But since I am APing all my kids I have a slight dilemma here. The boys are both very attached to mom after the cosleeping and nursing, etc. That is awesome - I love it...except when both boys want to be held all the time or want to nurse constantly (I am a human pacifier right now). I love holding them and nursing but I have 2 other kids too that need attention and I only have 2 arms :cry: So the boys are at the point where they cry when I put them down and won't sleep unless I am holding them. I hate to stick a pacifier in their mouth all the time to keep them quiet for a few minutes (I don't obviously when they are hungry) but I have to give my girls attention and do other things obviously too. I have put on in a sling and done stuff that way but I can't figure out how to get both in a sling together so I can have them both there and do it that way. Are there any other solutions? Anything else anyone did or suggests? PLEASE HELP ME KEEP MY HAPPY HEALTHY KIDS AND MY SANITY!

Also sorry if this is confusing LOL it is late and I am tired.

LuAnn 06-22-2008 10:34 PM

Re: Question for moms of multiples...

I dont have twins, but my closest friend does (they will be 3 in July)
She would use pouch sling/ring sling.. put pouch sling on, put baby in, put ringsling the other way (they will criss cross in the back,kwim?) put other baby in
OR she would use 2 pouch slings and just size up on the 1

As they got older she could MT them both (1 on back, 1 on front)

How about swaddeling them in a bassinet together?
Do you have a nursing pillow? (it was the only way she could put the twins down to do stuff with her other 2 kids) and I have it now, its a huge pillow, and she used it when she would keep Evan for me,and could put him down in it
Its a long pillow, but can fold around you (lmk if you need me to find out what kind it is or snap a pic to show what I mean)

:hugs: Im sure some of the mulitple moms will have better info for you

laj 06-23-2008 12:03 PM

Re: Question for moms of multiples...
First of all, you're doing great with 4 under 3! When my guys were 6 weeks I could barely get on the computer to even ask a question, and I only had the 2 of them. :hugs:

It's kind of a blur, and probably not much help, but I remember feeding/holding at least one of them, if not both of them, pretty much all the time for the first 8-10 weeks, but it seemed like one day they just stopped nursing all the time and didn't need quite as much attention. I know that when I wasn't holding them I'd swaddle them and put them todether in a crib or pack and play or on their playmat and they'd always get right up as close together as possible and they'd be fine. They seemed to like being in more of a "confined" space together than out in the open.

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