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sharleen (DCDiapers) 05-29-2006 11:22 AM

Over due please get this baby out
Last night we went for a really big, uncomfortable, long walk. I have been drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea, sitting on my excersize ball lots, nesting over and over again LOL (at least my house is sort of clean) making more and more diapers for baby, chasing my two 2.5 years and under around.....:giggle: and STILL NO BABY YET! :cry:

Someone give me advise here.

CMamma 05-29-2006 11:24 AM

Re: Over due please get this baby out
Don't worry about it! Will happen when it's ready to happen :) LOL Easier said than done but remember in not too long you'll be even more tired !!

Try sex?! :laugh:

1boy1girl1bitty2 05-29-2006 02:10 PM

Re: Over due please get this baby out
my dr stripped my membranes, it wasn't instant but i started within 18 hours. but you have to be dialated somewhat or it really hurts, i was three cm's and was uncomfortable but it didn't hurt. or try accupuncture

stopka7224 05-29-2006 02:14 PM

Re: Over due please get this baby out
I had my membranes stripped and contractions started immediately!! :hugegrin: Good luck!! I can't wait ti hear your birth story when the little one arrives!!

a_cthelen 05-29-2006 02:21 PM

Re: Over due please get this baby out
Not to scare you, but I was 2.5 weeks late with mine. I did everything under the sun, but I waited until a week overdue before I started stuff. With your doctor/midwife's approval here are some things you can do.
Walking, sex, castor oil (very harsh on your bowels though!), blue cohash tincture, nipple stimulation, homeopathics (can't remember the name now), and acupuncture. I did all of the above. The acupuncture seemed to do the trick for me, as I started labor within 24 hours.

Good luck and don't let it get to you. I truly believe that relaxing/not stressing about the fact that you're "overdue" will bring on labor.:thumbsup:

Merolu 05-29-2006 02:35 PM

Re: Over due please get this baby out
Evening Primrose Oil (orally in caplets and vaginally if that safe for you) helps soften the cervix and Clary Sage Oil (rubbed on the belly) can help stimulate uterine contractions, both are safe this late in your pregnancy. If you aren't ready, they won't work. :)

*~Mindy~* 05-29-2006 03:10 PM

Re: Over due please get this baby out
i did the evening primrose, i inserted it and took it, LOL!!
and lots of walking- woulda tried sex, but gotta have a guy around for that! to work! hehe...

anyway, youre only 1 day over now, thats not bad!! are you feeling anything??

SheilaJoy 05-29-2006 03:14 PM

Re: Over due please get this baby out
I soooo know how you feel, being pregnant 5 times! If I knew a trick to getting them out, I'd share it. Unfortunately, I don't. But I do LOVE your diapers, my dimple cheeks was the very first hyena dipe I bought! :hugs:

sharleen (DCDiapers) 05-29-2006 09:30 PM

Re: Over due please get this baby out
OK went for another long long walk with Dh and the kids this evening..... Nothing, but tired now LOL.

still cramping like I have been for a few days, and contractions have been steady all day and yesterday :headscratch: .... like 15 min apart....

Oh and FiveBlessings, thanks for the compliments on my diapers. I will be having a baby party when this baby arrives, and have deals, and prizes and lots of diapers on both Hyena cart, and my site. :lostit: :happyclap:

Well I will be sure to update if and when I ever do go into labor LOL :mopping: :clothes: :dishes: Going to go nest again.....:mrgreen:

cblurose 05-30-2006 07:13 AM

Re: Over due please get this baby out
I've been 1 week and 2 weeks overdue with all of mine except my first (go figure). Mine have to be forced out. Hope you go into labor soon.
I have no advice...I've tried it all and it never works. :cry:

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