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mommy2alex2004 02-03-2007 02:33 PM

Longies question Alpaca okay?
I have never used longies but am thinking about it for the few fitteds that we have. My SIL lives in Bolivia and gave us an Alpaca pull-over for my baby when she came home in Nov when the baby was born. I emailed her this week to ask her if she knew of any alpaca pants down there as wel for babiesl. She said they are all over the place.

So, my question is...Should I go for it? Is alpaca the way to go? Should I do anything special to them if SIL sends some home.

TIA for any input.

havallah 02-03-2007 05:05 PM

Re: Longies question Alpaca okay?
I've been told by a knitting mama here, that alpaca is VERY soft, may not wear well (but you have an infant, so no problem there), and since it lacks natural lanolin, you need to lanolinize it frequently.

This may not be right, but I think alpaca would be fine, you just need to keep up on the lanolin. In fact, I think llamajamas have some alpaca longies. You may try their website.

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