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serenas_song 02-14-2013 08:17 AM

15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
My 15 mo DD has a cold that started Tuesday, and we're supposed to fly to Florida on Sunday (2 hour flight). She's stuffy with a yucky nose. I hate the idea of not going, but I'm also so afraid of what it could do to her ears. mostly just venting my frustration here, but any thoughts?

Tris 02-14-2013 08:21 AM

Re: 15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
If its not an ear infection, I wouldn't worry too much. Give her some Tylenol, warm baths, humidifier/vaporizer where she sleeps,baby menthol on the bottoms of her feet and chest, and vitamin c, and when the day of the flight comes give her Tylenol when she gets up and before the flight if its spaced out enough. 2 hours isn't too bad.

UVASahm 02-14-2013 08:23 AM

Re: 15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
I think she should be ok. My son almost always has a runny nose in the winter and we have flown A LOT. Right before the flight clean her nose out REALLY well. Shoot saline down both nostrils, let it sit for a little and then suction everything out. I also would give her Tylenol just before just in case she has a headache and the pressure would make it worse.

jjordan 02-14-2013 08:56 AM

Re: 15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
Her ears will be fine. :) Enjoy your trip!

Nerissa 02-14-2013 09:02 AM

Re: 15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
Agree with the others. Suck the snot out really well right before, give some Tylonal JIK and enjoy your trip.

badmisterkitty 02-14-2013 09:11 AM

Re: 15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
Yeah, you've got 3 whole days for her condition to improve yet.

travelmama24 02-14-2013 11:35 AM

Re: 15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
For now, run a cool mist humidifier and give her nose drops or spray to help loosen the yucky stuff. If she's still stuffy at flight time, you could give her a sippy of water or if you're nursing, nurse her during take off and again as soon as you start to feel the plane begin to descend. That will help her ears pop.

BigSamsMom 02-14-2013 12:03 PM

Re: 15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
Try to see if you can get her to do a true nasal rinse (i.e. with a Neil Med bottle) morning and night. This is about the same age my Big Sam started tolerating them, and we haven't had an ear infection since! Before he transitioned to the Neil Med Bottles, I started with a blue hospital nose aspirator filled with the salt water solution and gently shot it up his nostril with a towel beneath his chin to catch what ran out the other nostril. This cleans the nose out so much better than saline spray and suctioning. She will fight it at first, but stay persistent, it doesn't take them long to realize that a nasal rinse clears all that yucky snot out and they can suddenly breathe better - it only took 2-3 forced rinses for my Sam to accept them willingly. Sam is now 3.5 years old, and he has been doing his own nasal rinses when he catches a cold, since he was just shy of 2 years old. It also wouldn't hurt to call your Ped and see if she will call in some antibiotic ear drops just in case you need them. Our Ped did this for us when we flew Houston to Florida and Sam caught a cold beforehand. We didn't end up needing it, but it was nice to have on hand. I also keep a sanitized dropper bottle (old Mylicon bottle) full of olive oil that I've sauteed garlic in, I strain it and put it in the bottle. Nuke it in the microwave for 10 seconds when needed, and make sure it's not too warm. A few drops of this in the ear, takes ear pain away immediately and the garlic is a natural antibiotic/antimicrobial. Obviously you can't use the olive oil solution if she has tubes in her ears, but it works wonders if she doesn't. Stay away from the Benadryl and Claritin.... antihistamines only dry up and thicken snot, leaving it in the sinuses to fester and cause infection. Once she's old enough, I am a true believer in Mucinex and nasal rinses only when treating a cold, along with hot showers and humidifiers in the bed room. The vapo rub helps too!

7mom7 02-14-2013 12:39 PM

Re: 15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
Rub a cut garlic clove on the bottom of both feet several times a day. You can even rub it behind her ear or around the ear. She'll be stinky but it works well. You can get peppermint oil and dilute it with a bit of oil (olive, coconut, grapeseed, almond) to rub on her chest, behind her ears, across her forehead/nasal passages.

chickiwawa 02-14-2013 09:28 PM

Re: 15 mo has a cold...and supposed to fly Sunday
When my kids start showing signs of a cold I give them Elderberry Syrup. I make mine at home, but you can buy it at a health food store. If their ears seem to be bothering them I take a small piece of garlic, wrap it in toilet paper, and set it in their ear (not shoved down in there, but resting on the inside) for 15-20 minutes. The garlic will kill the infection and pull out any pain. It's worked everytime. The trick is keeping them distracted while they let that sit in their ear.

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