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Chickie.xOx 02-21-2008 12:20 PM

Hi Ladies!

I am REALLY wanting to BF #2.
I had a hard time w/ my 1st cause she was an c-section at 34weeks & my milk didnt come in. Even tho I took meds & herbal stuff.

So my question is - What can I do now to make sure my milk comes in & I will be able to BF?
(I will also be pumping)

mommy21princess 02-21-2008 02:02 PM

Re: Hi Ladies!
How do you know that your milk didn't come in? Many moms can't tell that there milk has come in as long as they are nursing often and on demand.

That's the key right there. Make sure you nurse, nurse, nurse. Don't try pumping in the first couple of weeks. There's no need to as you need your baby getting all the milk. That helps your supply. Pumping is by far not a good indicator of how much milk you have. So many ppl think that if you don't get much when you pump, then you aren't making enough for baby and that's TOTALLY WRONG. My dd was EBF until about 9 months and even after starting solids (very slowly) she is still nursing at 2.5 years, but if I tried to pump it would take All day to make up a 4 ounce bottle!!

I'd also recommend NOT giving a bottle for the first couple of weeks. That's what gets me so mad in the baby shows. If you give a baby a bottle you're automatically telling your body that you don't need that milk. Even if you pump, if you don't pump enough then your body doesn't think it needs taht milk, does that make since?? Just nurse your baby ANYTIME it's fussy. That usually helps with your milk supply. Also, be sure to get plenty of water. I know I was SOOO thirsty when I was nursing in the beginning. I couldn't get enough water, especially while she nursed, it was like I was just dying of thirst the min. she'd latch on. LOL GL momma!! You can do it! The first couple of weeks are SOOO hard just don't give up! If you make it to 6weeks you'll start feeling like you've both got the hang of it and it'll be so much easier!! is a GREAT source of information that has all been researched and is written out to explain everything, even how milk production works. I use that site ALL the time even now!

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