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ashleynjacy 10-10-2006 09:44 AM

Number of children and cost of living?
I live in South FL and it is expensive! I am very close to my mom who was and still is an AP...
sometimes it is a great thing and sometimes I really feel limited. I can not move away from my mom! My husband really wants to move to the country. I am so attached to my mom that I told my husband that I wouldn't be able to move. He thinks I am The issue is that I want a big family. I want at least 4 kids but I think it is too expensive here to have that many. My mom says I should just have 2...
my husband says he would want 5 if we move to where it is cheaper to live...
Do you all who live in expensive areas think about this?

Fullhouse 10-10-2006 10:06 AM

Re: Number of children and cost of living?
I have 4 kids and pretty high cost of living. We make due, and I live by my parents

TwinKristi 10-10-2006 10:14 AM

Re: Number of children and cost of living?
We have 5 kids and live in Sonoma County, CA which is one of the most expensive places to live right now! The median home prices are in the $600,000's and rent is around $1500 for a 3bdrm house, we got this place 2.5yrs ago and the landlord hasn't raised our rent at all which is practically unheard of! We plan to rent a bigger house until the real estate prices go down dramatically in the next 2yrs (predicted...) The only way I can afford to stay home is to do daycare. I currently watch one child and am a back up provider for his brother, but when we get a bigger house I'd like to get one closer to my older boys' school and take on another child or 2. The cost of living is high, I won't deny it. But doing things like CDing, BFing and making your own baby food helps. If you guys qualify for programs like WIC or subsidized insurance there is nothing wrong with using it! Dh had a few slow mos at work and we qualified for WIC, it shocked me but I'm very greatful!! Its saved us hundreds of $$ in our shopping budget! We also qualified for a program through Kaiser (health ins.) that gave us a reduced rate for 4yrs, we could make up to $100,000 with 5 kids and still qualify!! :thumbsup: Shopping at places like Costco and Sam's saves a lot of money too. I recently heard that a comparison shopping bill from Costco and Albertsons really was 1/2 for the same items! It sure helps us to buy in bulk!
Good luck on your plans for a big family!! If that's what you and your dh want you can make it happen!! :loveit:

Choose2bgr8 10-10-2006 10:18 AM

Re: Number of children and cost of living?
I have two and we re barely above poverty level and in an area where cost of living is pretty low compared to some. My dh wants four kids, but I don't think we can do it at our current income. Hoping to change the income soon and that is looking good so we may be up for one more. I live about 35 minutes from my mom and 30 from my gma. I WISH we could move to the country. I would so be there in a heartbeat. To have a yard for my kids to play in and explore. Yep! I'd do it.

mama2cntrykids 10-10-2006 10:21 AM

Re: Number of children and cost of living?
Combined my dh and I have 5 kids living at home (one outside the home with her own family). One of my dh's kids is almost 18 and isn't home hardly at all. That said, we realistically have 4 kids at home (are you lost yet, lol?). We make due also. My dh doesn't make a huge amount, but it's not bad. I also wah working between 15-20 hrs. per week. The cost of living here in MN isn't that bad. My mother lives about 30 miles away and we've talked about moving to a house with more space. My mom says that there will have to be room for her too :). That's fine with us!

ChurchPunkMom 10-10-2006 10:26 AM

Re: Number of children and cost of living?
I live very close to my parents (and have a close relationship with them). We live in Nor CA, it's very expensive here! We have four kids - to me, kids are only as expensive as you make them. ;) We make do and have always managed to get by. We've almost always been in the low-mid income bracket. I believe WIC is based only on the woman's income, so almost any mom can qualify. I've also done daycare (for friends and family) when our income has been really low. Whenever money gets tight, we just pare down our lifestyle and make any necessary adjustments (get rid of cable tv, lower cell phone plans, dh rides bike to work, etc). I've also become quite a bargain shopper over the years. ;)

We're working on trying to get out of CA. We'll never own a home here, and my parents are planning on moving back to the mid-west within the year.

KV Boo 10-10-2006 10:42 AM

Re: Number of children and cost of living?
I have 3 children and live in Brooklyn,NY and the cost of living is outragous.We pay $1150 for a small 2 bedroom apt.My DH makes a decent salary for me to be able to stay home with the kids.I also live about 5 blocks from my mother.

annes_cottage 10-10-2006 11:03 AM

Re: Number of children and cost of living?
Our #8 will be here in feb 2007. I do not think children cost much more after the first. I bake and cook from scratch, make most of the girls' dresses, and we are blessed with people giving us clothes their children out grow. Very rarely do we buy extras, but they do not go without. We have a big family and everyone thinks they need to buy them gifts at Christmas and Easter.

A pp said go to Sams or costcos, I agree. I have also done daycare and preschool in my home. Right now I sew. We make ends meet but do fine...and also can't say forsure that 8 will be it.

ebutterfly782 10-10-2006 11:15 AM

Re: Number of children and cost of living?
Oh how I envy you guys with big families! I want another baby, but DH said no. DD is only 5 months, so I am going to try to talk to him in another year. I LOVE giving birth. That's strange I know...I would love to stay at home and do a home daycare. People are on waiting lists as soon as they find out they are prego for a home daycare where I live. They only charge $85 a week too. I think I could manage that... I would just hate to waste my Master's degree in secondary ed math.

I live in Alabama on 2 acres with 20 acres up the road that my MIL lives on. We love having lots of land. We are starting a cattle business too. Maybe one day....

OneFabMama 10-10-2006 11:39 AM

Re: Number of children and cost of living?
I'm in Orange County, California - another very expensive place to live. We went apartment hunting yesterday and looked at several ONE bedroom places and rent is about 1300-1385 (yup, for a ONE bedroom). We really want a 2 bed/bath apartment but the cost is just too much between 1500 and 2000 for a friggin APARTMENT!

Right now, we spend about 2100-2200 a month on everything. We live in 1bedroom apartment now and rent is reasonable compared to everything else (1020 a month/1 bed 1 bath). That and our car payment is most expensive. DH makes about 2400 a month so we get by. Some months are better than others. Depending on what comes up.

We've drug the idea of moving out of state around in our minds as well. But our hearts are here it would be too weird to go from the Ca. "lifestyle" to like Washington or something (which is where we were considering). To be considered "working middle class" here you need to make about 53K a year, so taking that into consideration we are way below that - DH makes just under 40K a year and we SCRAP by. I know in several other states that is a pretty decent living. Some people make 40K a MONTH here. So it's kind of a joke, bu of course our DD has everything and then some. We live near both our families and she is spoiled. lol

He is starting a new job in about 5-6 weeks and has the ability for his income to double if not triple right away (fingers crossed on that) and then it wont be much of an issue.

Good luck to you guys! :hugs:

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